Miss Nelson is Missing *this* Play


Sierra Goldie writes, A new play, Miss Nelson is Missing, is coming this September to the Arvada Center.

A new play, Miss Nelson is Missing, is coming this September to the Arvada Center . It is all about a teacher who is the nicest teacher in the world, but who has a very, very naughty class. One day when she takes the day off she hires this very mean substitute and the kids are absolutely horrified! To find out more you could read the book or go see the play coming out on September 25 at the Arvada Center. Aside from the story I was lucky as a youth reporter to go see some of the behind stage secrets. Kathleen Murphy, the Performing Arts Business Manager, gave us the tour. First, she took us on the actual performing stage. There we got to look up at all 500 seats in the house, (theater), talk about stage fright!!! To create the set of Miss Nelson, Arvada hires special painters who can paint on a wall or floor and make it look like anything, and it looks real! These are called faux paintings. After that we went in to the dressing room and saw some of the costumes. There were also many costumes from other upcoming or previous plays. When we returned to our meeting room, Kathleen showed us masks, an Arvada Center award winning costume and other stage accessories. She explained how if one person is playing more than one character, how they have to dress so quickly backstage. She had three reporters demonstrate how fast you dressed with helpers and by yourself. After taking a tour of the set of Miss Nelson, I really wanted to go see the play, and I think you should too. Or maybe read the book, and don’t take advantage of your teacher, or a mean substitute will come to get you!!!!!


  1. Awesome job!
    Awesome job! Although it’s now December 2008, I think it would be fun to see Miss Nelson. I wish I was behind the scenes too. Thanks for the great story and pictures too. Wow!

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