Squiggles the Sea Monster


Caroline Till writes, In 1993, a group of people started to plan Squiggles.

In 1993, a group of people started to plan Squiggles. Squiggles is a 343 foot long sea monster playground. This playground was designed for kids ages 4-12 of all abilities including blind children and kids in wheelchairs. Blind children can enjoy this playground because of it’s various textures that offer a tactile experience. Kids in wheelchairs can enjoy Squiggles by climbing onto the top by using their upper body strength, but of course their wheelchair is left on the ground. Every hour, Squiggles mists water four about five minutes. Water comes out of the tail, mouth, fins. Many children really children like dancing around in the mist. Kids either choose to get damp, or soaked!The Squiggles Park also includes talking trashcans. When I heard about these trashcans that talked, I said, “Why would anyone create talking trashcans?” The designers of this park included these because it encourages kids to through out their trash. These trash cans roar, and say things that Squiggles could say if he talked.Squiggles was named Best Sea Monster in Westwood’s 1999 Best of Denver Edition Hillary Olsen (employee of the Arvada Center) states, “Kids come Evergreen down here to Arvada just to play on Squiggles. If you stopped by, you would surley know why.