The Arvada Center: Behind the Scenes


Chase Hoven writes, The Arvada Center…

The Arvada Center, which is located in Arvada, Colorado, is a place where you can play on a playground that is accesible for all children or watch a funny or spectacular play. But what goes on behind the scenes of these plays? I soon found out. Kathleen Murphy, the main stage producer, showed us around backstage to where we soon stood on the stage. From there, you see the show from a different view.There are 500 empty seats are all around you. You can imagine all these seats full with faces staring at you, ready to be entertained. Next, we took a look at where they where making the backgrounds. Many skilled artists are busy painting and cutting wood to make it look fabulous! These skilled artists are called scenic artists. This means they learn to fake paint or make something look not what it is. They can paint a wall to look a gorgous tile or can make wood look three dimensional. After that we went into the make-up and costume room. They have lights around the mirrors so the actors can see how much make-up they will have in front of the audience. We also got to see the sewing room where they make costumes for the characters. The behind the scenes tour was very interesting and exciting.I never imagined in my life I would see all the things that go on behind the scenes.The Arvada Center’s next children’s play is Miss Nelson is Missing which opens September 25. So stop by the Arvada Center and see an awesome play!


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    Great article, I did a report on this too. It was fun to write about!!! Keep up the good work:)

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