The Arvada Center Playground featuring Squiggles


Rachel Swanson writes, The Squiggles PlaygroundHave you ever been to the Arvada Center playground?

The Squiggles PlaygroundHave you ever been to the Arvada Center playground? If you haven’t, I will tell you all about it. This playground is a special kind of playground. Why it is so special is because any person who is blind, deaf, or handicapped can use it.At the playground there are talking trash cans, merry-go-rounds for the kids on wheel chairs, and a big sea-serpent named Squiggles. The talking trash cans are for kids who are blind. The merry-go-round is at ground level so that the kids who are in wheel chairs don’t have to get out of their wheel chairs, and all they have to do is roll their chair on and them someone just has to push them around and around.Squiggles is a sea-serpent that is really long. All the kids can play on him including the kids who are blind. Why those kids can play on him is because Squiggles has some scales that you can feel. That is how everyone can have a great time there. If you haven’t been on this Arvada Center playground, go with your family and go play on Squiggles. Squiggles is a great playground for everyone.The other parts of the playground, besides the big sea-serpent Squiggles, are for other kids too. The sandbox area is for kids of all ages. The sandbox area has little sculptures in it for fun and decoration. The blue dragon is aplay structure for kids to play on and climb around. I really enjoyed this playground and I hope that people who go to the Arvada Center enjoy the playground, too.


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