There’s More to Manners than Please and Thank You


Taylor Kelly writes, ” A bunch of girls you know are at the pool, and you decide to join them.

” A bunch of girls you know are at the pool, and you decide to join them. You’re spreading out your towel when Miranda leans overand says “This is Hannah’s birthday party.”‘” What would you do? This is one of many examples in A Smart Girl’s Guide To Manners, written by Nancy Holyoke. Even if you think you have good manners, it’s good to review. For example, did you know that the knife blade is supposed to face your plate? My mom didn’t even know that! Sometimes the book got a bit boring because it was repeating a lot of rules I already know. I liked how in one color the author wrote an example of a sticky situation, and in black they wrote what you should do if something like that ever happened to you. At the end of the book there was a fun checklist to test your manners. This book is one of the many books from American Girl. If you like this book I also suggest What a Girl Loves Puzzle Book. It has tons of great activities from word searches to fun math problems. I recommend both books to girls ages eight and over.So what would you do in that sticky pool situation? The guide suggests: “It’s going to be hard, but try and pretend this is no big deal. Say “Whoops! I didn’t know. Have fun everybody.” Then find a private place where you can recover.”


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