The Arvada Center: Where Theater Comes Alive!


Annika Reuter writes, Who likes to go to the theater? I know I do!

Who likes to go to the theater? I know I do! Don’t you love that moment when the lights dim and the spotlight shines on the stage, signaling the start of the show? You’ll find suspense like this at the Arvada Center, where they will soon be showing a play based on the classic children’s’ book “Miss Nelson is Missing”. This play is about a softhearted teacher (Miss Nelson) and some very misbehaved students. Then, one day Miss Nelson disappears and is replaced by the nasty Miss Viola Swamp. Will the students be able to solve the mystery and resolve their misbehavior?Meanwhile, let’s take a look behind the scenes. As you walk back, you will take in all the painting, hammering, sawing, and stitching that makes these shows possible. First, we’ll take a look at the room where the set is built. You’ll see some really amazing projects, like a plain plank of wood that has been specially crafted to look and feel like a polished hardwood floor. Someone is painting a background piece in many brilliant hues of color.The costume room is equally interesting. On one side of the room, mirrors surrounded with lights line the wall to aid the performers in putting on makeup. In the center stands a dress form, a form based on the measurements of a person to help the “tailor” or “dressmaker” stitch the costume. In the back room you will find bolts of cloth and spools of thread in a bounty of colors and shades. As you can see, the costumes and set are made and approved with great care. “We want to make the show come alive for you” states Kathleen Murphy, business director. Maybe that’s why the cast at the Arvada Center is so committed to bringing you a great production. They practice and rehearse for hours and hours to really “capture the spirit of the show.” I would definitely recommend taking a few hours out of your day to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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