Nerf Buzzsaw…..toy review


Orion Pilger writes, Toy Rating: CI got a Nerf Buzzsaw.

Toy Rating: CI got a Nerf Buzzsaw . I think it is cool but not too cool. It really does fire the foam balls and the foam balls do get stuck in the gun. I have had it happen to me 4 times. It takes a long time to get the balls out and it is hard to. You can’t put in 4 balls at a time. You have to put in only 3, or it will get stuck, like what happened to me. But, it also gets stuck for no reason.One time I was going to shoot it and I pressed the shoot button, but the ball got stuck in it. I don’t like that. Plus it gets boring after a while. And my mom says I can’t shoot it at anything, but me, my things, and the walls. I am not complaining, but if you are reading this Nerf, you can pick up some tips right here starting….now: You should add an aimer on it with a target in it. You should add a target board with a bullseye and those other things. It should have other colors besides just blue and orange. What I do like about it is, it does make real sound, and it sounds like a real saw! The balls are light green, which is a cool color. It has a lot of detail, and I like detail. You pull back on a lever to get it to sound and shoot. That is awesomely cool to. Orange reminds me of the sun, which is heat, and I like heat. Blue reminds me of coolness, and I like coolness. Both of the colors together are AWESOME, so I like that. Also there is light blue, and I LOVE light blue, it is my favorite color! Plus some of the orange and blue are clear orange or clear blue, which ROCKS!! I don’t really have much else to say, so that sums it up. There is my review.


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