Introducing I-cy!


Allyson Malecha writes, Rating 4 ½ stars out of 5Right now you are probably wondering, “What is I-cy?

Rating 4 ½ stars out of 5Right now you are probably wondering, “What is I-cy?” It is not a yummy, slushy drink, but one of Hasbro’s most recent music and electronic toys. The toy is a plastic, white penguin about four inches tall that you can plug into your MP3, CD player or I-Pod. If you don’t have one of these items, don’t despair, I-cy can also be placed next to any stereo. What does it do? The penguin dances, lights up and has a speaker to play your favorite tunes. My favorite part about this toy is that the penguin’s flippers move to the beat of the music making it look like it is waddling. It is also a convenient speaker for when you want to share your music with your friends. I found only two small disadvantages to this toy. One was the mute button, otherwise known as I-cy’s tail. When pushed, the music mutes for five minutes or until the button are pushed again. The other disadvantage is that you must “feed” I-cy music or it will start to show undesirable moods through the penguin’s light patterns. This toy would probably be best for girls 8 – 15 because of the cute factor. Overall, it is a reasonably affordable, fun toy for anyone who enjoys music.


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