Warriors: Jump into the Action!


Chase Hoven writes, Every person in the world has a favorite animal.

Every person in the world has a favorite animal. It could be your dog, your frog, your hamster, even an animal that lives in the wild. My favorite animal is a cat. Cats sit around all day and sleep, waiting for you to come home from school. And when you do, they purr and purr and purr! If you have two cats, have they ever fought? Many cats don’t but what about the ones in the wild? What do cats do in the wild? If you have asked yourself these questions before,I highly recomend you pick up a book and start reading. Warriors is about a kittypet (house cat) named Rusty that lives next to the wide open forest. One day, he travels into the forest and meets a wild cat named Graypaw who lives with Thunderclan, a group of cats that live in the wild. Rusty is glad to join Thunderclan and soon learns the ways of the wild. He learns to hunt, sleep, even eat in the wild! The story continues as Rusty’s name is changed to Firepaw and then Fireheart once he fulfills his apprentice deeds. He realizes an enemy is lurking in Thunderclan. His name is Tigerclaw and wants leadership from Bluestar, the Thunderclan leader. He tries to fulfill his spot by killing two deputies (second in command) but does not succeed. The books continue on and on until Bluestar dies and Fireheart (renamed Firestar for being leader) takes command. By then, Tigerclaw is in exile and is wandering around in the forest. There are three other clans that live near Thunderclan. They are Shadowclan, Windclan and Riverclan. Anyway, the books continue on (so far) for thirteen books and three extra books. Author Erin Hunter is planning on writing plenty more so don’t get your hopes down! I think the Warrior series is perfect for every animal lover. All of Hunter’s books have been fantastic and I rate them all A-plus plus! All the cats have there own personality and adventuresso the books will never get boring. I HIGHLY RECOMEND you read the Warriors series. Enjoy and have fun!


  1. I wouldn’t give so much a…
    I wouldn’t give so much away about the books, like Fireheart becoming leader. I told my friend and she said ” I wanted to find out for myself!” However, I definitely agree that this is an awesome series!

  2. I have to say so myself I…
    I have to say so myself I did give away most of the books and I’m so sorry! But still, there are many other things that are still waiting to be read.

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