Beauty: the most beautiful book I’ve ever read


Rachel Faulkner writes, While thumbing through a stack of ancient books in my aunt’s attic four years ago…

While thumbing through a stack of ancient books in my aunt’s attic four years ago, my fingers first touched the magical pages of the book Beauty; a retelling of the story Beauty and the Beast. I giggled over the childish title, but my attention was drawn more to the fact that it was a long novel, not a child’s picture book. I pocketed it without a second thought, and was given permission from my aunt to borrow it. I sat down to read the book immediatly. As I kept reading, my mind was boggled by the elequent words of author Robin Mckinley. The book was written in 1978, but it is as beautiful as any book I’ve ever read. It tells the story of a literate-minded girl named Honor but nicknamed Beauty and her family as they suddenly become poor and move to the countryside for a better life. But when Beauty’s father upsets the delicate internal balance of the Beast, who owns the forrest just beyond Beauty’s house, Beauty decides that to spare her father’s life she must go the Beast’s castle and stay as a guest there herself. The details of this book are amazingly spun around the pages, and each page of my copy of this book are well-known and loved. I would recommend this book for any girl that simply needs a little more drama in her life. This book might just be my favorite book in the world, and that is high praise, coming from a bookworm like me! You will never forget the book that changed your outlook on fairy tales!


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