Oh No! I’m Bored!


Have you ever been searching the web and not been able to find anything to do? Well I have the solution! I have six great sites that you should visit!


Have you ever been searching the web and not been able to find anything to do? Well I have the solution! I have six great sites that you should visit!


First, a world where you can have your own pet and take care of it, the Wonderful World of Webkinz! This is an awesome game online for kids of all ages where you get to take care of your own pet. The only thing is you have to buy the pet at a store or online for about ten to fourteen dollars each. Connected to each Webkinz is a tag with a special code that is different from all the other Webkinz animals. When you get your Webkinz you set up your account and name your Webkinz. After you login there is tons to do on Webkinz World. But before you do that you have to take care of your Webkinz. When you open a new Webkinz account you receive 2000 Kinz-Cash, (money for your Webkinz). You can buy food and furniture for your Webkinz. You can also buy clothes and other fun things for your pet. After that you can play games at the arcade. Or go to one of the two chat rooms, one is a room with a list of phrases that you can choose, or the other one is a chat room where you can type what you want, but if you say anything inappropriate, you will get banned from the chat room. Another place you can visit are the shops, one shop is the supplies shop, where you can get anything necessary for your pet, and there is the Curio Shop, which is where you can get good bargains, rare finds and once a day dig for gems. Aside from all this there is much more to do on Webkinz!!! To find out where you can buy your own Webkinz, you can look on the website and see a list of stores in your area.www.webkinz.com


Another, cool site is called Activity TV. On this site I found loads of stuff to do from magic tricks, crafts, cooking, science, and drawing! You can also check them out on Comcast Cable sometimes! In the Summer Fun section there is an interesting and yummy S'mores recipe that was easy enough for my brother and I to make. www.activitytv.tv


Yahooligans is a great site to get homework help, stay updated on the latest music and stars, get your horoscope, and play games! Their arcade has hundreds of games to play. Some of the games are movie themed, others are just made up and it is so cool because there is so much you can do.www.yahooligans.com


Whyville is a fun website that I found out about here on YourHub/NextGen. It is a chat room for kids of all ages and it's free. You can buy items with your clams, which is Whyville money, and chat with people from around the world. You can buy scions, which are cars, trade clothing, and play games! This is site is full of fun.www.whyville.com


You probably already have heard of Club Penguin, but if you haven't this site is similar to Whyville, except you have to pay five dollars a month to be able to buy items and clothes for your penguin. I am unfortunately not a "member." But if you aren't a member you can still participate, as the club still hands out free items that anyone can get, but you are limited to what you can get. This has been one of my favorite sites for a while now!www.clubpenguin.com


One last site I wanted to share is called bored.com. It is a site with tons of games, jokes and pranks. There is so much to do, that there is no way that you could be bored! But before you go on you might want to ask a parent, because some of the things on there are more for adults.www.bored.com


I definitely recommend all of these sites to you and hope you enjoy them like I do! Leave a comment if you have heard of any other cool sites because I'd like to know about them too!!!


  1. oh…
    oh, if you want to see cool videos go to the site I mentioned in my Zoegirl blog.I do club pengiun and another great site: vmk.com

  2. Thanks so much!
    Thanks so much! I was looking for some cool, new websites. And you toatally suggested some great ones!

  3. I love Club Penguin!
    I love Club Penguin! I am not a member but am currently in protest for more meber rights with a large group. NON MEMBERS DESERVE TO STAY WARM!!!!!COOL IGLOOS ARENT JUST FOR THE RICH!

  4. The only ones i’ve heard …
    The only ones i’ve heard of was club penguin and webkinz! thanx! i don’t go on club penguin ‘cuz my parents won’t let me, but i do have 2 webkinz, on duck and a lil’ kinz st. bernard, i’ll have 2 try those sites sometime!!! THANZ AGAIN!

  5. Excellent writing!
    Excellent writing!I have a club penguin and I’m a member and I have 3 webkinz that I don’t use a lot. Thanks for telling me about the other sites! Write on!

  6. Great job writing.
    Great job writing. I have a clubpenguin and webkinz poodle, parakeet, clown fish, and seal. You might want to think about this as a blog because kids like to share things that connect to your story. Neat!PS. I re-posted this comment to let you know that I’ve seen this on the “popular” list since last year. Way to go, that is great.

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