Bar Mitzvah


Tony Yin writes, A few days along, I was invited to one of my friends’ Bar mitzvah.

A few days along, I was invited to one of my friends’ Bar mitzvah. You might be wondering, what is a Bar mitzvah? Now you won’t be clueless when you get invited to a Bar mitzvah in the near future. So this interesting celebration is actually a Jewish tradition to celebrate adulthood. According to Jewish law, a boy is a bar mitzvah when he turns 13 and achieves the status of adulthood and a Jewish girl becomes a bat mitzvah when she turns 12.At this time the bar or bat mitzvahs become full-fledged Jewish adults who are required to both grow spiritually and receive responsibility to become a better person.When boys and girls become bar and bat mitzvah, they reach a new stage of development in their lives. From that point on, they have to start thinking about the future and what kind of people they want to be.Bar and bat mitzvahs are typically celebrated with a festive meal, with the family and friends of the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl on hand to celebrate their entrance into adulthood. In addition, on the Shabbat following the bar mitzvah boy’s thirteenth birthday, he is called to the Torah during morning services at the synagogue to recite the blessing on the Haftorah. Many boys also read the weekly Torah portion, having studied it in advance with a cantor or scholar experienced in reading the Torah.In the bar mitzvah I went to, the first part is listening to my friend’s service and his speech about his experiences with god. After a Jewish lunch, we went to a rented suite to have a real party the “American” way. During the party, everyone had a fantastic time dining, dancing, playing group games, and socializing with other friends. It is an amazing experience for both me and everyone else.