Behind the Scenes at the Arvada Center


Melissa Riley writes, Have you and your family ever gone to the Arvada Center to see a play?

Have you and your family ever gone to the Arvada Center to see a play? I went and got a backstage tour, it was pretty awesome, and I learned a whole bunch of facts! If you’ve been in the theater you’ll know that it can seat a lot of people. Do you know how many? The theater can seat 500 people. That’s a lot! The newest show that they are putting on is Miss Nelson Is Missing by Harry Allard. Are you wondering how they can take this book and turn it into an hour or two musical? I always wondered that and I found out on my tour. Our guide said they add a lot of singing and dancing to make the shows longer. Here are some more Q and A’s.Q: How many shows do you put on each year?A: About 115 (remember they can put on 48 shows of Miss Nelson Is Missing!) Q: How do you make they props look so smooth?A: The painters use faux painting to make the props look soooo smooth when it’s really not!Q: How do you keep all the hair up in a wig?A: They use hairpins or swimming cap like hats to hold up all the hair!Q: Why do you have lights all the way around the mirrors?A: Because the stage lights are so bright and it makes your face look white, so when you’re looking in the mirror you know exactly how much makeup to put on.Pretty Cool! I learned a lot, I sure hope you did too!!


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