Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth Orchestra


Tony Yin writes, Have you ever heard of the Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth Orchestra?

Have you ever heard of the Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth Orchestra? This is one of Colorado’s most elite youth orchestras featuring all the string instruments like the violin, viola, cello, and many other unique instruments. In addition to the instruments from the strings family, this orchestra also includes a variety of other instruments like the flute, drums, and a few more instruments that would make the orchestra sound powerful.There are three levels in this audition-required youth orchestra. The three different levels are symphony prep, symphonic strings, and the best level of all, the symphony. There are no age requirements to join each of symphonies. As long as you got the skills, love to play, and want to have fun in this extraordinary symphony, then you are in the correct place. In addition to having a blast, players will also learn important skills such as playing different styles of music, sight reading, and the most vital skill of all, how to stay connected with the orchestra. Let me tell you more about all the symphonies in this talented orchestra.The Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth SymphonyThe Symphony Orchestra is the most advanced of the Arapahoe Philharmonic youth orchestras. The Symphony prepares and performs standard orchestral literature including music from films, television and the Broadway. Each member will receive a wide variety of valuable experiences and opportunities for orchestral solo and ensemble work.Symphonic StringsThe Symphonic Strings provides advanced string players the opportunity to study, sight-read and perform the great literature written specifically for strings from the past to present. The main goal for this symphony is to facilitate the development of independent musicianship as well as personal confidence.Symphony Prep OrchestraThe main goal for the symphony prep orchestra is to develop playing skills. A player will also learn other useful information like training in music theory and ear training. Sight-reading skill is key to a musician’s ability to succeed and is a part every rehearsal. Students also learn the basics of conducting.For more information, go to


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