Eragon; dragons, warriors, and mistakes?


Rachel Faulkner writes, A popular book nowadays is Eragon by Christopher Paloni.

A popular book nowadays is Eragon by Christopher Paloni. The book is written with a brilliant combination of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Star Wars. Personally, I could read it again and again and never grow weary of it. Yet when the movie came out, some interesting facts were left out, in my opionin. Many characters were written out of the script for the movie, and so were many of the most important scenes. Whole towns were written out of the movie, and the appearance of many of the characters seem to vary considerably. Eragon’s beautiful dragon Saphira has feathers for heavens sake. And the elven princess Aria, in the book, was a raven-haired, tall and magestic lady, where in the movie, Aria’s hair was the color of pale fire and she was shorter that a boy three hundred years younger that her. The Urguls, or evil King Galbatorix’s slaves, were a huge part in the book but relatively small in the movie. All in all, the movie could have been a lot better than what it turned out to be. However, I do have some nice things to say about the movie. I admire the beautiful scenery and the amazing special effects. But in the whole, the movie was not what it was expected to be.


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