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Juliana Lombardi writes, A world like ours, set with different lands and even different creatures.

A world like ours, set with different lands and even different creatures. If you choose to, this could be a world YOU virtually live in. Dive into the deep seas to visit the city of Maraqua or take to the skys to see the floating city of Faerieland. Travel to the Lost Desert and see the shrine and the two citys within it. Take a journey to the kingdoms of Brightville and Meridell and see the two kings or the faerie Illusen. For a spook, head to the haunted woods or enjoy a pleasent day on Mystery Island. Or go to the pirate filled Krawk Island. But even more awaits you in Terror Mountain, Altador, and Shenuku. These are just a few of the things possible on Neopets. A free website, Neopets is great for younger kids or even older teens. When you join, you must first choose your very own Neopet to call your own. There are many, many types of pets to choose from, each with their own personality. After finding your new pet, you must name it and take care of it. Within the Neopian world, there are many things for you and your pet to do, including shopping, enjoying a movie, or even getting your pet a pet for it’s own. For the very young to the mid-teens, Neopets is a great website to take on the responsibility of a pet without actually having one!


  1. That was a good story…
    That was a good story, I have done Neopets before. If you like sites like this, go to my story Oh No! I’m Bored

  2. I liked this story…
    I liked this story, and I think that you did a great job making it detailed, but not too detailed.

  3. When I was little I used …
    When I was little I used to do neopets. I just tried it again and I loved it!

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