Why You Should Be A Vegetarian


Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Stop rolling you eyes.

Stop rolling you eyes. We vegetarians are people too.For those of you who have no clue, a vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat animals. There are two types of vegetarians (in my opinion).The first type is the type that doesn’t eat any meat except fish, because technically fish aren’t meat. But fish are meat, in my opinion. I don’t get how they aren’tmeat.The second type doesn’t eat meat. Period. Fish included. I never eat any type of meat, except chicken noodle soup if my stomach is upset. Which I don’t count.There are reasons why you should be a vegetarian.Like that animals are abused to be made into pepperoni pizza and cheeseburgers. Yourpepperoni pizza and cheeseburgers.And here’s the fact: we weren’t made to eat meat. Back when we were cavemen, we had strong jaws and massive heads and stomachs that could process DVD cases. We could eat meat, grass or dirt. That was when you could eat meat. But we evolved. We lost our huge chompers, and now our bodies expect food,not dead animals.We are smarter than animals, or in a way. We have opposable thumbs and big scary weapons and the ability to communicate with each other using our greatest invention: the English language. But animals have sharp teeth (a jaguar can kill a person without a gun or a knife. Can you kill a person without a gun or a knife?) and speed. A cheetah can go 80 miles per hour without a car. You can’t run 20 miles without a car.Animals do eat each other, but they need to. Animals can’t earn themselves twenty dollars, walk into a supermarket and buy a TV dinner and a Coke. Animals couldn’t digesta TV dinner or a Coke. But since you can digest food like bread, you should eat bread instead of meat.And, could you go prowling out into the night, looking for a cow to kill? Can you kill anything except a bug without a gun? Can you eat your cow without a fork, an oven, a plate, a table, a knife and that oh-so-necessary ketchup?YOU WEREN’T MADE TO EAT MEAT, SO DON’T EAT MEAT.Here are some of the biggest excuses for eating meat:1. Meat tastes so good!2. The animal is already dead, so what can I do to help it?3. I am smarter than an animal.Three things:1. Willpower! Once you get used to eat, you won’t even miss meat.2. Duh! If you eat the animal, you can’t exactly say you “care” about animals, can you?3. Smarter, no. You just have the advantages of ovens, forks and big scary guns.I can’t say I hate people who use these excuses, because I don’t. But I hate it when they do this.And, animals were created to be our equals. Not our food, our equals. You shouldn’t eat a cow because it’s no different than eating a human. Every type of animal has been a friend.


  1. Nice topic 🙂 Enjoyable but.
    Nice topic 🙂 Enjoyable but…I have a few things to say:Oh, also, you repeat a lot of stuff like animals are people to. Also, if you eat CHICKIN noodle soup, which has meat, you arent a true vegitarian. But still good topic. oh, and I could walk 20 miles if I had to. And what does a car have to do with it?? Still enjoying veggie topic 🙂

  2. I didn’t especially like this story…
    I didn’t especially like this story, becuase you stated a lot of contraversial opionion. I think that maybe you should put this story on a blog. People can and do run 20 miles,its called a marathon. I really don’t think you should write stuff like that becuase a lot of people don’t agree with it.

  3. um well that is very offe…
    um well that is very offensive to a lot of ppl, and if you eat chicken noodle soup u r not a veggietarian. ya ppl can run MORE than 20 miles. and ppl have to have protien, and unless your whole family are VEGGIE SAURUSES… it aint gonna work out well:(

  4. It’s cool that you chose …
    It’s cool that you chose a controversial topic like that. Maybe you should try not to make people who do eat meat feel so bad, but other then that, great article!

  5. Go to Yahoo.
    Go to Yahoo.com/answers and type in can i eat chicken broth? no that is what the chicken is boiled in! no no no no NO!

  6. I agree!
    I agree! People who eat everything but fish can’t bring themselves to be strong! And, I bet you that if you had to kill the chicken, or the cow or the pig yourself, meat-eating would drop. Here is some trivia: A baby cow used for veal never sees daylight. They are trapped in tight metal cages so they can’t develop muscle, and they can’t move so they grow fat, then their heads are cut off mercilessly. How would YOU like to be that baby cow?!

  7. Even though I totally dis…
    Even though I totally disagree with you, I really respect you for writing your true opinions. Lots of people don’t have the guts to write something so controversial! GOOD JOB!!!! 🙂

  8. I say the same thing as B…
    I say the same thing as Bailey Cross, but I actually agree with you, not disagree.

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