Backstage Pass to the DCPA


Rachel Faulkner writes, As my Girl Scout troop began our tour of the Denver Center of the Performing Arts Complex, I had low expectations.

As my Girl Scout troop began our tour of the Denver Center of the Performing Arts Complex, I had low expectations. But by the time I exited the DCPA, I was amazed by the fantastic theaters and work rooms there. I now invite you to come along with me as I recap the excitement of my very own Backstage Pass. We started out in the Stage Theater. This theater is a small theater with was is called a jutting stage, which litterally juts out into the audience. We then walked across the street to the many workshops and rooms there. We visited the set design studio, the lights managing plant, the costume design room, the seamstress room, the wig room, the material room, the carpentry room, the furniture room, and the paint room. Did you know that this is the only theater complex in America with all of the workshops right across the street? That way, if something breaks or if a costume gets ruined, all the actors or stage hands have to do is hustle over to the other side of the street! After that, we visited the small Space Theater.The stage of this theater is in the middle of the room. How do the actors get on stage, you might ask? Well, there are special passageways called voms that brings the actors straight to the stage, kind of like in the ancient Collosium in Rome, Italy. After that, our group moved on to Boettcher Concert Hall, a round stage with seats all around, like the Space Theater, except with a bigger capacity. Usually, this concert hall is reserved for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The round shape of this room, the glass saucers on the ceiling, and the wooden backs on the top of the chairs are all designed to amplify sound. This means that if you whispered something to the person next to you, you might be heard by someone two hundred feet away! We journeyed on then the Temple Buell Theater. This is the theater reserved for the touring musicals such as Wicked, the Lion King, etc. This theater is getting all of the chairs replaced soon, so it would be closed for a few seasons. Our last destination was the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. As you walk in, you are dazzled by the beautiful Chihuly chandalier, shown in one of the pictures above. The theater itself is gorgeous, and there are special screens on the back of each chair if an opera is in a different launguage. All in all, the DCPA is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year!