Last Kid Standing


Mrs Bishop’s 6th grade class writes, The fan was blowing, but it didn’t really cool any of us down.

The fan was blowing, but it didn’t really cool any of us down. “It’s hot!” Someone moaned. Everyone was gasping for air as the heat continued. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…everyone was waiting for 7 th period to end so they could go outside in the crisp air. “When do we get out?” Someone yelled. An answer flew back.”Only 15 minutes.” “Stop complaining.” Someone else yelled.”QUIET!” Mrs. Bishop yelled. “Now today’s lesson is …” She was rudely interrupted by the bell. “YEAH!” Everyone cheered. The halls were soon flooded by the anxious, hot students ready to get home and they exploded out of the building. (Melina & Ally)As Cody left the building he had an idea. He was going to take over the world with an army of kids. First he gathered all the kids from his school. Then he robbed an army factory of all the tanks and weapons. Next they devised a game plan. He thought and thought. Finally, he said, “We’ll arrest all the adults and send them to Mars.”So the kid army gathered the adults and put them on a spaceship. When the parents arrived they were mad! One mom said, “My son is never playing video games again.”Since the parents were gone the kids decided to party until they fell asleep. This was the perfect opportunity for the parents to devise their plan and attack.Tyler, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, awoke the kids as the parents began to fight for their planet and kids back. The adults were tough because they had snuck up the tanks on the ship without the kids knowing.”We’re dead meat.” They yelled.”No, not so fast.” Cody said. “We still have the ultimate weapon.” (Cody and Tyler)They gathered up all the magical pegacorns, unipigs, leprafauns and canadogs.. In case you don’t know what those are they are a cross between Pegasus, unicorns, pigs, leprechauns, fauns, Canadians, and dogs. It was a tough battle but they fought valiantly. They were able to fend off the adults for 150 days, 12 hours and 50 minutes. (Sourachath, Don, Jordan)But eventually the kids had to leave planet Earth and move to the Snicker’s galaxy. These are the last words taped from the last brave kid who moved with the others away from the planet we call Earth.2058 “The….The…What? What? I can’t draw it. What’s up with…? It’s so powerful? There’s so many heads? I have lost a lot of people over this. My army has fallen. How can I kill it? Hear my last words…please whoever finds this…save it…the way to kill it is…” (Andrew & Taylor) But the last part of the audio was lost and no one was able to find out what that last word was. What do you think it was?


  1. =) Nice story XD it’s was nice.
    =) Nice story XD it’s was nice. I rate it 5-5 because it has me in ti XD

  2. I really like this story …
    I really like this story after I read it I thought wow what a good story.

  3. This was a very good idea…
    This was a very good idea, but you weren’t very decriptive and your story was confusing at times. Next time try to make a little more sense and be a little less breif.

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