A Fun Play for Kids


Alex Goetz writes, tRUNks at Buntport Theater is a very entertaining serial comedy play.

tRUNks at Buntport Theater is a very entertaining serial comedy play. “Serial comedy” means that every other week, the actors write and put on a whole new play. tRUNnks follows the adventures of the five zany Crime-Fighting Crusaders: Walter Cosmic a.k.a. The Volt; Claire Claiborne a.k.a. The Tongue Twister; Trixie Truddfeldt a.k.a. The Germ; Donald Baxter a.k.a. The Cute; and Scott the Scottish parrot. Each character has a super power. For example, the Volt glows, or says he does, but you can only see it in a dark room, if you squint a little. The Volt travels with two pals, Snuggle Claw the super-intelligent lobster, and Walter Junior, the disgustingly moldy sandwich from the future. Scottthe Parrot, Trixie’s boyfriend, is man-sized, and is funny because he doesn’t even talk. Each episode of tRUNks is loosely based on a children’s book. Each week, kids submit a favorite book title, and one is picked to be the basis of the next episode. For example, one episode was based on Calvin and Hobbes, one was based on Olivia, and one on The Wizard of Oz. My favorite episode from last season was called “The Bad Games” in which our heroes, after temporarily turning evil, decide to compete “the Bad Games,” a competition held by and for super villains, in the town of Eville. But our heroes weren’t really bad, so they lost. Also last season, a contest was held in which eight superheroes created by kids were featured in an episode, including Banana Dude, Lightening Boy, the Stink, and the Disco-nater. Although it is a children’s play, there is a lot of humor adults can enjoy as well. My mom and my friends’ moms think it’s funny because it’s silly, but well written and clever. tRUNks has two performances every other Saturday, at 1 p.m. and 3p.m. The theater is at 717 Lipan Street, Denver. Tickets are either $4, $5 or $6. The first episode of the new season begins on November 3 rd. For more information, go to www.buntport.com. -Alex Goetz, unemployed eleven-year-old with glasses and red, curly hairagoetz2@du.edu


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