And who doesn’t like chocolate?


Rachel Faulkner writes, While traveling around the world and learning new cultures…

While traveling around the world and learning new cultures, my attention was drawn to an Italian recipie book citing on a shelf of a bakery in Florence, Italy. Of course, it was written in Italian, but my aunt, who is quite fluent in French and Italian, translated. The recipie was for chocolate brownines – normal, right? Wrong! The recipie included ground olives, pepper, and garbonzo beans. While I would never eat this, it strirred my imagination. The moment I got home, I created my own recipie. I combined the typical brownie material with garbanzo beans. I could not taste the beans at all! Then, just to prove how creative I am, I added silken tofu to the frosting. Normally, I loathe and detest tofu. Yet in this frosting, I had never tasted anything better! I automatically wrote down the recipie and created a family tradition right then and there. The brownines always taste delicious and besides, who doesn’t like chocolate?


  1. I once had a strawberry s…
    I once had a strawberry smoothie with carrots and cabbage in it. It was a free sample at Cosco and the guy actually made it in front of us (he was advertising the blender). My friend was all ‘gross he put vegetables in it’ but then I tasted it and I was like’ wow! this is great! you really can’t taste the vegetables!’.

  2. Weird!
    Weird!Did you try the recipe with olives, pepper, and garbonzo beans? I think it sounds more like a soup!

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