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A classic twist on Snow White, Fairest by Gail Carson Levine, takes place in Ayorthia, a land from the book Ella Enchanted. This book is set at the Featherbed Inn, were a mysterious baby is found. Aza is found by the owners of the Featherbed Inn, and no one claimes her, so the owners adopt her. She grows up, with a wonderful voice, but people call her ugly. When she meets a duchess from an Ayorthian town, the duchess asks her to accomany her to the King’s wedding and Aza says yes. Aza only wants friendship and beauty, and she thinks the queen might be her friend, but when she sees her, Aza knows that the queen is too beautiful to be her friend. After the wedding ceremony,Aza goes to a garden and practices her secret talent of illuising, singing or speaking without moving your mouth and throwing your voice to another object. Queen Ivi hears Aza and asks her to be her lady-in-waiting. Aza accepts, so she can help her family. After finding out about Ivi’s temper, Aza is commanded to illuise for Ivi. She meets the prince and he helps her out In a fantastic tale of trickery, fear, love, and hope, Aza is tossed into a fight for her freedom and her love. If you want to know what happens to Aza, Ivi, Prince Ijori, and all the other characters, then plunge into Fairest.


  1. Really interesting.
    Really interesting…I love this book! I also wonder if you have read Ella Enchanted. I know you mentioned it but I wonder if you have read it.

  2. I thought your review was…
    I thought your review was really cool. I’m going to check out fairest at the library!Bye!

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