Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs


Tony Yin writes, On Sep 20th, I attended a terrific ceremony called “Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs.

On Sep 20th, I attended a terrific ceremony called “Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs.” This is one of the most unique events you’ll attend in Colorado. Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs is a thrilling competition where kids from 6 to 21 years old are allowed to enter a contest where they can showcase their successful business. The event I attended is the final award ceremony where hard-working kids who won are awarded with $1000 towards their booming business. During the ceremony, I interviewed two winners of this year’s Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs.Maddie Brophy is a 12-year-old girl who started a business called Pot Stirrers. Her inspiration came from her mother, who always calls her a “pot stirrer,” or a little trouble maker. Therefore she thought of a cool idea to manufacture her own kind of beaded and elegant serving utensil. Despite only one year of business, Maddie is now selling her extraordinary kitchen utensils in several small stores. Her business slogan is “For the kitchen with a sense of fashion.” A kitchen can’t be called a kitchen without a spoon, so why not just buy one her lovely kitchen utensils. Her stylish kitchen utensils add a taste of fashion and uniqueness to a normal kitchen. With Maddie’s dedication and love to do business, Pot Stirrers will become the style of the century.Bizcuits and Bonz is a business started by humorous yet hard-working Cody Leblanc. This young entrepreneur is only nine years old, but handled business like a mature adult. Cody started this business when he was only six years old. Bizcuits and Bonz is actually homemade dog food. He had seen his grandma make this delicious treat for her dogs, so that is how he became interested in the dog food business. Instead of just normal dog food, he created five unique flavors. Max’s Snickerpaws, Angels Bizcuits, Trampolicious, Suzie Q’s, and Pogo’s Peanut Butter Bonz are all the flavors he invented by himself. This young man sells his products at local stores and gas stations. Your dogs will love these all natural gourmet dog treats. The winners from the four age groups also worked with their mentors to teach them more about business. Among them were some successful businessmen and women including Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper. There were a total of 58 young entrepreneurs that participated in this wonderful event. They have started businesses of all kinds including food, designs, tools, and many other interesting products. Congratulations to all the kids who have participated in this excellent event that encourages young businessmen and women. If these people just like us can start their own successful business, so can you. Don’t be afraid to try out what you believe in. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll also become an entrepreneur.


  1. Great story…
    Great story, did you know that some schools in the area like mine get to go there for the day and they each have jobs to do! I was the mayor! Congrats on getting this wonderful, it was offered to me, but I’m glad you went because your story was fantastic! Keep up the good work!!!!!! 🙂

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