Murder in Room 334


Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Annabelle Lewis left the small room, feeling angry at the hotel for not alerting her that the room was haunted.

Annabelle Lewis left the small room, feeling angry at the hotel for not alerting her that the room was haunted. Three ghosts lived in the room.The first ghost was named Meredith. She had lived in the 17th century, as a maid to Princess Elizabeth, until she had been cruelly killed by another maid of Elizabeth’s, the morbid Viola. Viola had stabbed her in the chest, and once poor Meredith was dead, she stuck the knife back in her chest and wrapped her hand around it. She made it look like she had killed herself. Only Viola and Meredith knew the truth. Meredith was out to get Viola, even though she basically had no idea where Viola was. Meredith was kind of weird, for a seventeenth century ghost. She talked a lot, and she knew a bunch of entirely useless facts that she had read in a book left in the hotel room two years before. She talked like a normal person, having picked up the regular speech when she inhabited the hotel room, number 334 in the Embassy Suites in Colorado, in 1991. She was easily the nicest ghost, and Annabelle was still a little creeped out at the gash in her purple satin gown, with blood dried around it.The second ghost was a male. He was a young boy, by the name of Jacob Willis, called Jake. Jake had been born in 1899, and as a thirteen-year-old boy he had gotten on the Titanic. The day after it sank was his birthday, and he turned fourteen just as he froze to death in his icy, third cabin room, all by himself, as his older brother had managed to get off. Jake was nice, and the same age as Annabelle, who was staying in the room by herself. Her mom had let her go to Colorado by herself, and her aunt Stacy was staying two rooms away. Jake spoke normal, even though he rarely spoke. His icy blue lips and skin, from sinking to the bottom of the ocean, and the way his green eyes pierced into you, didn’t exactly please Annabelle.The third, and final, ghost was the youngest. Meredith was eighteen, Jake was thirteen and little Jenny Coale was only six, but pretty smart. She was born in the fifties, and was the daughter of the best friend of some famous movie star, who Jenny had no idea the name of. The movie star had shot Jenny one day, after he told her that he really hated her father and that her father had stolen from him, and he needed to be punished, with the death of his child. The three all lived together in the hotel room. They were friends, for the reason they had all been murdered. Meredith by Viola, Jake by his older brother, who purposely left him to freeze, and Jenny by a crazy movie star. Annabelle found the whole thing pretty bizarre, but when she had mentioned this to Jenny, Jenny had told her not to tell Jake that, because he would be pretty mad. Jenny had informed her that Meredith called him a “damaged soul”.Annabelle had checked into the Embassy Suites hotel on Friday morning. She had wanted a room near her aunts, and they only had two rooms that were nearby each other. 334 and 337, so Annabelle had agreed.”Be careful, kid,” the guy had said. “That room has three ghosts in it.””Oh yeah,” Annabelle snapped, putting her credit card on the desk. “Haunted, and I bet one is the queen of Spain!””Close.” He said, and handed her back her credit card after swiping it. Annabelle shoved it in her purse, took her room key and grabbed her two rolling suitcases. She walked over to the elevator and hit the Up button. Annabelle arrived at the third floor and walked down to room 334. She unlocked the door and saw a pair of piercing green eyes among the darkness of the room. She screamed.”No, no, stop screaming!” a boy’s voice said and a cold white hand clamped over her mouth and yanked her in. Annabelle shook her head violently. “It’s okay, really.” The hand moved and the eyes looked a little more caring. Annabelle turned the light on. “Who the heck are…” she trailed off when she realized the strange boy was see-through and blue.”Hey, I’m Jake Willis,” he shook her shaking hand. “Nice to meet you.””Is there a new resident, Jake?” a sweet-sounding woman’s voice said. A teenager with brown curls floated into the room. A see-through teenager with a huge cut on her chest. “Yeah,” Jake smiled, and one of his teeth was missing. “Who are you, anyway?””You…you’re…a…” Annabelle gawked at them. Jake rolled his scary green eyes.”A ghost, I know.” He said.”We all are,” the teenage girl bit her lip. “Except you.””Haunted room,” Annabelle mused. “Wait, the dude said three ghosts. Where’s the third ghost?””Right here,” a voice of a young girl sounded from the second part of the room. “I’m Jenny Coale.” A little girl walked in. She was wearing a pink dress with a trickle of red blood on it.”Jake Willis, Jenny Coale,” Annabelle pointed to each one as she spoke. “And?””Meredith Jones,” Meredith smiled and extended her hand. “Former maid of Princess Elizabeth.””What’s wrong with your chest?” Annabelle asked.”Long story,” Meredith said. “Who are you?”Annabelle Lewis,” Jake said. Annabelle looked at him. He was holding her wallet. “Age 13, Los Angeles Day School, 9th Grade.” “Yeah,” Annabelle said. “Why are you blue?””Long story,” he said. “I was murdered.” Annabelle gasped and nodded. “Were you all murdered?” she asked.”Yeah,” Jenny chirped. “I was shot, Jake was frozen and Meredith was stabbed.” Annabelle blinked.”Who would do that?””My brother,” Jake said. “Instead of saving me, he let me go down with the Titanic.””My daddy’s best friend,” Jenny said. “He said Daddy stole, but he didn’t, so he shot me.””The other maid I worked with, Viola,” Meredith groaned. “She stabbed me, then made it look like I did it.””Oh my God,” Annabelle said. “I can’t believe people do that.””Yeah, but my dad never stole, but that movie star man said he did steal, from him, so Daddy was punished by me being shot.”Jenny said.”What’movie star man’?” Annabelle asked. “I don’t know,” Jenny said. “He was my daddy’s best friend, but for some reason he thought Daddy stole, so he killed me.””He wasn’t a very well known movie star,” Jake said, floating over to Annabelle’s suitcase. “He played extras, you know, that kind of thing. Where do you want these?” he gestured to the suitcases.”Nowhere,” Annabelle snapped. “I’m not staying here. Three murdered ghosts? Haunted? No thanks.””If I told you we were holograms, would you stay?” Meredith asked her.”Yeah.” Annabelle said.”Okay, we’re holograms, welcome to room 334.” Meredith chirped. “I don’t believe you,” Annabelle said. “I’m going to go share my aunt’s room.” Jenny floated out of nowhere. Annabelle wasn’t even aware she left.”Your aunt isn’t here yet,” she said. Annabelle sighed.”Okay, I’ll stay on one condition,” she said. “Do you promise not to kill me?” All three of them burst out laughing.”Not kill you?” Jake snorted.”You think we would kill you?” Meredith said.”In the movies the ghosts are always out to get somebody.” Annabelle said. “My brother.” Jake said.”Viola.” Meredith said.”That movie star.” Jenny said. “But you won’t kill me?” Annabelle said.”Annabelle, you dolt, we want to be friends with you.” Meredith said.Too be continued…


  1. I REALLY want to see the next one!
    I REALLY want to see the next one!! This was really good and imaginative! But it was a bit scary.

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