Jane Addams Champion of Democracy


Mary Anne Porto writes, “Today…

“Today, most people either don’t know who Jane Addams was, or have only a vague idea that she was somehow involved in social work.”That is the first sentence in the book Jane Addams Champion of Democracy. I think that it’s true that more people need to learn about Jane because her life story is so interesting. In the book, the authors, Judy Blume Fradin and Dennis Brindle Fradin explain Jane’s life from beginning to end. She was bord in a city in Illinois, called Cedarville. Jane was diagnosed with what is now thought to be tuberculosis of the spine and she thought of herself as an ugly duckling. Like the rest if the children in Cedarville, Illinois, Jane went to a small village school, but read more at home because her family had a large collection of books. When Jane’s mother gave birth to her, she became very sick and died.Jane’s heroic personality helped her with many of her crusades. In the 1800’s, garbage was piled up on sidewalks, streets, and alleys. It made it so that it began to breed disease. Jane and her staff members protested that the city was unsanitary. No one paid attention. She still was determined. She signed up to be a garbage inspector to show how much she cared. Mayor Swift noticed and she continued to convince him that the city’s garbage had been a big deal. Jane cleaned up the city and the death rate lowered. She had dome much more work to help the world, just like being a garbage inspector, in her life. More adventures would come. When Jane went to a bullfight in Mandarin, Spain, she decided to make a club similar to an all male club she had seen there, but this club she wanted it to be an all women club. Jane didn’t know why she got the idea at a bull fight, but she knew it was a great one. Jane fought for women’s rights because often things were unfair to Jane and her many female friends. I enjoyed this book a lot because I never knew who Jane was or any of these interesting facts, but personally, I think the chapters were out of order. The first chapter was about the garbage, but the next talked about her birth. I would recommend this book for kids 9-12 years old. Try learning about Jane Adams and read this book, Jane Adams Champion of Democracy.


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