Airborne: Get High In The Sky!


Chase Hoven writes, It is December 13, 1903, at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina.

It is December 13, 1903, at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina. Orville Wright is at the controlls as the first controlled powered flight lifts off the ground and begins its ascent toward the clouds. Finally, the light weight aircraft touches the ground and cheers arise from the small crowd of spectators.Though this historic moment only lasted a total of twelve seconds, it goes down as one of the most amazing accomplishments in the history of the United States. The accomplishment is that mankind’s first controlled powered aircraft has lifted off the ground. The Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, accomplished this feat after many agonizing years.Before this, the brothers worked ata bicycleshop near Dayton, Ohio. They worked hard to find the correct parts to assemble an aircraft. Eventually, it payed off. Airborne, by Mary Collins, is an amazing story that tells you about the Wright brothers before and after the accomplishment that they succeeded in. Personally, I learned much more than I had already known. Check out this fantastic book at your local library if you would like to learn more about the Wright brothers history.