Murder in Room 334 Continued


Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Continued from Murder in Room 334.

Continued from Murder in Room 334…Annabelle didn’t sleep that night. She lay awake staring at the ceiling. The upsetting part about this whole ordeal was that her aunt didn’t believe her. She had tried to tell her and then show her, but the ghosts had hid from her aunt. “You’re tired and hungry, Annabelle,” her aunt had smoothed her hair and smiled. “Let’s go to dinner.”The most upsetting thing yet was that Jake knew how to work the TV remote, and he kept changing the channel while Annabelle was trying to watch Nickelodeon. He wanted to watch the history channel, because there was a segment on old famous movie stars and he wanted to see if he could get the name of Jenny’s murderer. And tomorrow night a segment on the Titanic was showing. Jenny floated over to Annabelle’s bed and looked at her.”Aren’t you sleepy?” she asked. Annabelle sat up and wrapped her arms around her pink flannel clad knees.”Not really,” Annabelle said. “Why, aren’t you?””I don’t need to sleep,” Jenny said. “I’m dead.”Annabelle wrinkled her nose.”Nice way to put it, Jenny,” Meredith came over and sat down on the end of the bed. Jake was very intently watching The Cosby Show on Nickelodeon. At twelve forty three in the morning. “Yeah, most guests don’t sleep and then they leave the next day.””Except Harold,” Jake floated over. “He saw us, and then he ran down the hall. I watched an interview of him, and he was all crazy and muttering about a ghost with a gash in her dress.”Meredith snickered.”You’re the only kid we’ve ever had,” Jenny said. “Except a two year old once. And his mom thought we were guests and there was a mix-up.””Look, guys.” Annabelle looked at them. But before she could finish, Jake read her mind. “You’re going to have to go tomorrow.” He said sadly. Jenny looked at her lap and played with her bare toes. Meredith stood up and floated across the room.”Well, I’d love to stay,” Annabelle lied. “But I don’t think I should.””I don’t get it.” Jenny said.”We gross her out, Jenny,” Meredith said, floating back over. “She doesn’t want to stay in a hotel room with three ghosts.””Finallysomeone stays the night,” Jake muttered. “And they turn out to want to go too.””Jake,” Meredith leaned over and whispered something in his ear. “Jenny.” She leaned over and whispered something in Jenny’s ear. Annabelle watched them, feeling her stomach bubble up. They weren’t talking about something good.”What?” she demanded.”Oh, nothing.” Meredith said.”Absolutely nothing.” Jake said.”Never been better.” Jenny said. The three of them floated over to the couch and sat down.Annabelle lay down, and started thinking about telling her aunt she wanted to go home. She must have fallen asleep while she was thinking, because when she opened her eyes light was streaming into the room through the open windows. All thoughts of the strange whispering had left her mind.She climbed out of bed and walked over to where Jake had put her suitcases. But they weren’t there. She walked all over the hotel room, but there was no sign of suitcases, her purse or the ghosts. “Meredith? Jenny? Jake?” she yelled. A hand shot out and grabbed her. She felt herself being yanked into the closet and pressed against the wall. Meredith’s eyes were staring intently at her.”Um, hi, Meredith,” she said. Her blood was swirling around in her veins in a scared sort of way. “Fancy meeting you here.” “Have you got her, Mere?” Jake’s voice yelled. Meredith tied one of Annabelle’s silk tie belts around Annabelle’s wrists.”Yeah!” Meredith yelled back.”I thought you agreed not to kill me!” Annabelle said.”We’re not killing you.” Meredith said, pulling her out of the closet.Jake and Jenny were standing next to the door. They both looked deadly serious. Jenny was holding her purse, which had her credit cards, her key and her cell phone in it and Jake was gripping a drill (which Annabelle had no clue where they got that), nails (them either) and a bunch of boards (Annabelle did know they had gotten the boards from smashing the coffee table in room 335). “What the…” Annabelle trailed off when Meredith shoved her in a chair and tied her to it with a makeshift rope. It was made from Annabelle’s shoelaces, the tie from the hotel’s bathrobe, another tie belt (and she had only brought two belts) and curtain swags.”Annabelle,” Jake said. “You’re probably wondering what’s going on.””No, no, I’m not,” Annabelle said sarcastically. “I’m just a little curious why you’re tying me up with shoelaces.””We’re taking a stand!” Jenny said.”Against what?” Annabelle asked.”You leaving,” Jake said, “You leaving because we’re, um, what’s the word? Dead!””And not just you,” Meredith said, reading the look on Annabelle’s face. “Every person who has held something against us because we’re dead.””What are you going to do?” Annabelle asked.”Observe,” Jake said. “We’re going to destroy everything.” he pulled her credit cards out and drilled holes in them.”And,” Jenny pulled out the key cards and took a pair of scissors. She cut them all in half. Then, she took Annabelle’s cell phone and flipped it so far back it broke in two. “You’re not leaving.” “What about my aunt?” Annabelle asked.”I made her go home,” Jake said. “I told her I had you captive, and she wouldn’t get you back unless she left.””That makes no sense.” Annabelle said.”I know, but she left anyway.” Jake said.Too be continued…


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