Boo! It’s Almost Halloween


Sierra Goldie writes, Do you need a new, creative costume idea for Halloween? I recently visited Spirit Halloween at 5066 S.

Do you need a new, creative costume idea for Halloween? I recently visited Spirit Halloween at 5066 S. Wadsworth Blvd in Littleton. It is this great store that has a vast assortment of decorations, accessories and tons of costumes!!! They have costumes for kids of all ages, dogs, babies and adults too! I interviewed Melissa Haydon, Assistant Manager. Haydon shared with me that Spirit Halloween is owned by Spencer Gifts, a store commonly found in most malls. Haydon’s favorite way to help her customers is helping them choose and try on costumes. Trying on costumes here is a perk because you can’t do that at most stores when shopping for costumes. Haydon enjoys all of her hard working employees, and the people who come into the shop looking for costumes. The most popular costumes this year, according to Haydon, are the Hannah Montana/popstar theme, and for the boys, Transformers and the classics like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. But aside from these there were a lot of other costumes, but my favorite was the leprechaun. Haydon’s favorite costumes were popstar for the girls, and pirates for the boys, and Haydon says she is going to dress up as Rainbow Brite this year! Part of Haydon’s job requirement is that she has to dress up one day a week.The prices on costumes for kids start at about $19.99 and up, but you can always accessorize any costume ideas you may have for cheaper because there are tons of costume accessories at the store. The store is only opened around Halloween and closes this year around November first. The entire staff including Haydon was fantastic, extremely helpful and nice! If you’re stumped on ideas for Halloween, from decorating to costumes, check out Spirit Halloween at Wadsworth and Belleview in Littleton! Look for Haydon and you will receive the help you need, although any other employee will help you also.


  1. Is this store just for Ha…
    Is this store just for Halloween costumes, or does it have decorations for your house too?

  2. there are some spelling m…
    there are some spelling mistakes but good now I now where to get my costume

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