My Continental Drift Theory


Sourachath Rojanaphong writes, Welcome to my Continental Drift Theory!

Welcome to my Continental Drift Theory! I think I know how the continetal were seperated! Okay, lets get started with out theory. =] First of all, the continents were all together, Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica and Austrailia. They all formed as one big land of continents. Then after 50m(Millions) years later(Maybe less than 50m), they were seperated. STOP! Now, this is where my theory begins. After the big land of continents were seperated, it’s was now perfect. But, ‘what happened to the Dinosaur extinction?’ ‘What happened to the Ice ages?’. Well… it begins here. When the continent were seperated, something caused it. It was probaly a vocanic eruption. That vocanic eruption also killed the dinosaur! it is very possible. Most dinosaur lived in North America. When they died out, the Ice age came in. The ice in North america was the Artic fault that the ice touch North America. Well… back to the dinosaur extinction. The dinosaur died from a vocanic eruption. That also cause the continents to move. It cause this to happen: Go to: When the vocanic hit the ocean shores, The shore was then angered. When more got into the oceans, it cause the oceans to form a massive wave or a land seperation. After the dino extinction, fossil were then everwhere! Now were going into the Ice Age! The Ice Ages were very feared by humans. The humans would hunt for food and eat and eat until they had enough to survive through the Ice Ages. The Ice Ages was a very extremly extortionary! No human survive except the monkey-man humans. Now, ask this to yourself and think, ‘How did Ice got onto the North America Land?’. The only way was the Artic. Let’s go back in time. The Pangaea were then seperated, when they seperated, North America touched Artic a little. When it did, North America became the Ice Land. Then, Artic and Canada was touched form 1 piece of Ice land, which caused the Ice Land throught out the America. After the ice land was melted, it became a mysterious land. Now we must go to Eurasia. When the Pangaea seperated, the monkey-man human were there also. They did come alive until the ice melted, so they were probaly traped in ice. When they came alive, they began there trip from Europe through Africa, then Africa to Asia, Asia to Australia. It was a mircale trip for them. They had to fight the nature to suvive. It was basicly impossible if a mere human from the present did this! IMPOSSIBLE I SAY! Well… this is my theory of how the continents seperated. The land of all the continents were called Pangaea. In probaly after 1m years from now, they will form a big land almost covered by water. It will be a big desert. Humans will perish, but the animal kingdom won’t. New insects,animal and life! I did all of this by myself with only little bits of infomations. Most of this popped in my head, Thanks for reading my story =]


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    I am learning about the continental drift theory in Science right now. And, this is SO FUNNY! LOL 1010

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