From Flutiest To Astronaut


Sanakee Xiong writes, From Flutiest To AstronautBy: Sanakee Xiong On May 10…

From Flutiest To AstronautBy: Sanakee Xiong On May 10, 1958 a female was born in Los Angeles, California she had three brothers and one sister. At an early age her parents got divorced. She and all her siblings all grew up together in one small house in La Mesa, California. Even though she was born Los Angeles she still considered La Mesa her real home. As a young child Ellen had devoted herself to music, math, and science. At first she decided to be a flutiest. Then she realized that science was really her future. She had attended to San Diego State University. She was in college until she had earned her master science degree. Ellen Ochoa thought herself that being an astronaut was truly her destiny. She never realized that she would change the world for most Hispanic woman. After long years working for a program called N.A.S.A in July of the year 1991 she had become an official astronaut. At the age of 35 she had accomplished more than she thought she would. After becoming an actual astronaut she had become a role model for a bunch of woman around the world. A couple years later she had married a man named Cole Fulmer Miles. She had two daughters and a wonderful life of joy. Today Ellen still works for N.A.S.A and lives in Dallas, Texas. Not only is she an engineer now she is also an inventor and has over 950 hours in space! She is now a Director of Flight Operations. Ellen Ochoa has blasted into people’s mind with pride! Ellen Ochoa will be remembered in the world of astronauts. At first from a flutiest to an astronaut that changed life for most Hispanic women. Ellen Ochoa was one of the first Hispanic women who had made a difference in our world. Ellen Ochoa will blast into space with stars and strips forever on. Ellen Ochoa will remain into the minds of the people she taught. Ellen Ochoa is a hero to America and shall remain in our hearts


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    Nice story =] But I would edit before the real story =] Still I rate it 5 =D Good Job Sanakee!

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