Rocks That Glow in the Dark?


Jessica Cardall writes, Have you ever been to a gem and mineral show?

Have you ever been to a gem and mineral show? As a school field trip, we went to the Gem and Mineral Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. It was only a weekend thing, the same weekend as the Summerset Festival. I learned that the most valuable minerals are gold and silver, and gemstones such as diamond, ruby, topaz, and so on. Most of the gemstones at the show were in jewelry, which was for sale. But these gemstones were not my favorite part of the show, the fluorescent rocks were. Fluorescent rocks are rocks that when put under blue light they seem to glow, just like the glow-in-the-dark stars you stick to your ceiling. For an example, go to, and click on fluorescent room demonstration. At the end of the field trip we each took home a souvenir bag full of the different fascinating rocks that we saw. If you missed out on this exciting experience, it will be back next year, September 12-14! I highly recommend you go!


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