Tony Yin writes, Responsibility comes with age.

Responsibility comes with age. As people grow older and more mature, there will be harder tasks that will have to be performed. High school students will be forced to take a test called the ACT. The ACT is a standardized achievement examination for admission to colleges. This test is called the American College Testing program. It is created by Everett Franklin Lindquist in 1959. Right now, all of the four-year colleges and universities take the ACT as a part of their consideration for entrance into college. Though some school may take the ACT more seriously than others, it is still a major test for high school students.The ACT is required in Colorado along with the SAT, a competitor of ACT. ACT measures high school students’ educational development and their capability to complete college-level work with the multiple-choice tests. There are four required subjects. English, mathematics, reading, and science are the subjects. In addition, there is an optional Writing Test measures skill in planning and writing a short essay.This test provides an indicator as to the students’ readiness for college. Before taking the real ACT, in 8 th grade, I toke an explorer test. This test is very similar to the ACT, having an ACT-like format. I found it to be quite simple. Overall, it is a pretty cool test. Don’t be scared when you have to take this test, it won’t bite.


  1. I am taking the ACT in Febuary.
    I am taking the ACT in Febuary. I am only in 6th too. Good job on the story, it makes me feel a lot less nervous.

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