Oscar De La Hoya : my hispanic heritage paragraph


Andrew Gomez writes, Andrew Gomez 9-28-07My report on awesome Oscar!

Andrew Gomez 9-28-07My report on awesome Oscar! There have been many great boxers in time, but one of the greatest of them all was born on a normal day in February……On February 4th, 1973, a Mexican family welcomed there new born son into their family. What this family didn’t know was he would be one of the greatest boxers who ever lived.They decided to name him Oscar De La Hoya. They we’re at the hospital that day.As time went by the family loved and took care of their new son like regular parents.On every day Oscars’ mom named Cecelia would sing every morning, for fun.Oscar was inspired by his mom and sang with her. Oscar wanted to be able to sing likeSome artists in a studio and get recorded, because he wanted a good career life not justGo to school, finish it and get a normal job. He had many thoughts going through him.To bad he didn’t know he would be a famous boxer with a good career that day.More time went by and Oscar finished school, by then he wanted to be a boxer. He was ready to join the heavyweight boxing league. Oscar did really well at the sport. He had 223 wins, and 5 losses, and 163 of those wins were knockouts! This was Oscar De La Hoya’s amateur record. This is good for boxing for 15 years! Go Oscar! He won either way to me! I wonder when Oscar De La Hoya will retire from boxing. If Oscar De La Hoya keeps trying his best I think he can win all the rest of his matches against other boxers in his boxing league if he continues to work hard and show a lot of heart. I chose Oscar De La Hoya, because I think he’s important to the Mexican society, because he is what Mexicans will look up to and watch on TV, because not many Mexicans play sports. I think it’s also very amazing that he has a record of 223 wins and 5 losses, because that’s a good record for boxing for 15 years. Oscar de la Hoya has a lot of heart and he is really brave to box against all of those big guys in his leagueOne of his opponents he lost to was Floyd, Mayweather. He lost by points decision.I Think it’s also good for Mayweather, because he never lost a match and he retired after he beat Oscar De La Hoya.One reason why Mexicans look up to Oscar De La Hoya is, because he has a lot of heart and he’s special to his people, and you will never see so many Mexicans play football, basketball, baseball, or any other sports, but in boxing that’s what Mexicans excel in!


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