Why He Changed the World.


Ally Martinez writes, The Famous Light bulb Luiz.

The Famous Light bulb Luiz.On Sept. 13 th 1911 Luiz Walter Alvarez was born. At birth his parents knew he would change the world. His mother died when he was three months old. His father, Walter, was a professor working with electricity. At the age of fifty he became a scientist and helped with scientific knowledge at a college in San Francisco.Luiz loved watching his father working in his office. He would always be asking questions about his father’s projects. It was hard because when his mother died his father searched frantically for another wife. Then he fell upon a young school teacher. They were married for six years and then thing s went down hill. Walter was always working late at night and his wife got upset because he could never talk to her without getting a new project that he dedicates his life to. They got a divorce and soon after another women came into his life. Soon Luiz was old enough to move out. He found a small house right next to his college where he was taking a science class. He loved his fathers work so much he must follow his foot steps. He enjoyed his life and soon became a professor just like his father. Luiz felt he needed some help so he hired an assistant. Her name was Mary Hosward. She moved in with Luiz so she could help him full time. She as well enjoyed electricity and the science of the world and undiscovered.After two years of being Luiz’s assistant they fell in love and were married. Luiz was a busy man. He was determined to invent something with electricity. After a lot of work and effort Luiz Walter Alvarez invented the first one hundred and ninety eight wt. lamp. In World War II he invented some pain medication using limited supplies.Some of his major accomplishments are he was responsible for important radar systems which they used a lot. He was also a great professor and taught many children the effort of hard work. He received many awards for his science fairs. One of his major accomplishments that help us now are he invented optic and cosmic rays. Luiz was part of many societies such as the National Academy of Sciences. Luiz Walter Alvarez died Dec. 3 rd 1988.I wanted to study him because he did great wonders to the world and I’m glad I did.


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