Selena’s Sad Song


Melina Gallegos-Montano writes, Selena’s Sad SongSelena Quintanilla/PerezApril 16…

Selena’s Sad SongSelena Quintanilla/PerezApril 16, 1971-March 31, 1995If you want to know about a little girl named Selena Quintanilla who grew up to have her dream come true, but then be brutally taken away by the one person she trusted most, then this is the story for you. You might be wondering why I chose this person when her life was so sad. I choose this person because I grew up knowing that my dreams will come true, just by watching her on T.V.It all started on April 16, 1971. A beautiful baby girl was born named Selena Quintanilla who would soon become a Mexican pop singer and win the hearts of all her fans. At the age of nine Selena’s dad started a band with her sister and brother. Selena was the lead singer. Selena grew up around music. Her father was in a band called Los Dinos. Selena loved to sing, but that’s not the only thing she loved to do. Selena and her family liked to help out with programs like anti-drug campaigns and AIDS awareness program.Selena went to school like every one else. She had friends like every one else, but she didn’t go to collage because her dad wanted her to work on her singing. When Selena was a teenager her dad hired another person to the band, named Chris Perez. A few years after they became famous Selena was named female vocalist of the year. As Selena got to know Chris, she began to fall in love with him. And a few months later, they got married in April of 1992.Even though Selena loved her husband and wanted to spend time with him, she still loved to talk to kids and tell them how important it was to stay in school. She had a really good friend working with her fan club mail. They would send in money to get an autograph from Selena, but the girl that was working on it took the money and hid it from Selena. Salvader told her that she had been violated and needed the money. But Selena soon found out that she was lying.Salvader didn’t want to tell Selena because she knew that she would be mad. Because she knew that Selena was going to find out any way she didn’t know what to do so she shot her, on March 31, 1995.


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