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Rachel Faulkner writes, Last week…

Last week, my Girl Scout Troop took an extensive trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see the latest exhibit and IMAX. We started off in the Heinsel-Phillpes Theater for the IMAX titled Ghosts of the Abyss. Cameras had been taken along on a 2001 trip to the bottom of the sea and the wreck of the ocean liner Titanic. The scientists sent little robots with cameras attatched into areas the shuttles could not go to, and they uncovered much. They found the historic windows to the first-class dining room. They discovered Denver’s own Molly Brown’s stateroom. What I thought was the best about the film was that when they showed the scenic areas of Titanic, ghostly figures paraded around the decks as if it had been only yesterday. The crew were helping families into lifeboats and the screams of those who were trapped stuck out loudly. Personally, I think that this is the most beautiful and historic IMAX I have ever seen – and I have seen a lot! After the film, we ate lunch out on the sunny lawn in front of the musuem and continued on our way. To get into the Artifact Exhibition, you have to pay and get a specific time. The museum officials gave us all our own boarding passes. I was lucky – I made first class. There were two other first class members and the rest were all third class. We went through a small room that, from the props, appeared to be in London. There was a part of an enginein this room, and some other artifacts taken from the debree field. We trekked into the first class hallway. The hum of the engines filled our ears and the mirricle was that the floor appeared to be swaying slightly. The next room had some first class artifacts and a sample of a first class bedroom. I love luxery so to see all of this finery thrilled me. Next we went into a third class bedroom. It was much smaller and cramped with four small bunks. The blankets were woolen and seemed rough. The next room was the worst. There was a real iceberg – somehow, the museum has worked out how to have an ice cold solid block that makes your hands wet without having it melt. You are supposed to touch the iceberg. It’s so cold! There is an animation of the ship sinking and some last words or passengers. The next room was…underwater. The lights on the ceiling are wavery and blue. There is a model of the ship as it is today and a part of a bolier weighing two tons. There also is a stack of dishes that miraculously remained intact as they sunk. You can touch a piece of the boiler, just so that you can say that you have touched the Titanic. In the last room you can see if the person on your pass survived. This is one of the coolest exhibitons I have ever seen and I highly recommend it for everyone, young and old!


  1. I went to this exhibit in…
    I went to this exhibit in July and it was really exciting! Fantastic Job. 10/10

  2. Great story…
    Great story, i went there with my family and soon my entire grade is going to go, the first time i didnt suvive though

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