Orion Pilger writes, SKYVE Kzink Industries…

SKYVE Kzink Industries, Crumbles Bay Road, 7:10am, May 16th, 1986It was the first day of Kzinx, an education system that helps kids with curricular struggles. Only there was one problem with that business, it had an abandoned room in the deep basement. The deep basement was about 65 ft. underground, with no light and very weird things in it. They even had a very expensive item down there! The Kzink workers tried to keep people away from the basement, but all the people didn’t listen and the Kzink workers never had time to go down and monitor the room. Even in the summer they didn’t have time.Kzink Industries, Crumbles Bay Road, 9:55pm, May 17th, 1986It happened in the deep basement. Sam, an agent from X.A.K. (Xeroradiography Sweeps Kayaks) dropped into the basement at approximately 9:55pm. He was an amazing gymnast that could do things unimaginable in gymnastics and he was bleeding from the fights he had with the guards outside. He ran up to a white DELL computer. He was very smart so he was able to log in. He took out a dark green blueberry and attached its information cables to the white computer. Automatically the blueberry said “Link Established” on its screen. Then Sam found the information folders on the computer and accessed them. He set them up and then he clicked “Download” on the blueberry’s screen and the blueberry then said “loading…” and showed a picture of light blue boxes made of light getting taken from the left of the screen to the right of the screen and stacking on top of other boxes. While it downloaded, weird pictures flashed everywhere. When it finished downloading, Sam heard guards banging on the front and back doors shouting “OPEN UP!!!” Sam took his blueberry and stuffed it in his pocket, put a time bomb on the white DELL computer, and ran. The guards were pounding even more furious than before now. They were able to hear Sam running. But Sam had a surprise for them. The time bomb now read “2”. Sam just got to a safe room covered in steel and slammed the door when a smoke that was red yellow and orange flashed out from the white DELL computer destroying it, things around it, and at least a 45 ft radius around it. Sam threw open the door to see that everything was a mess! But that still didn’t stop him from running out the now thrashed to death and smashed up like a car in a car accident back door. He needed to get to the top of the building so when he got out he immediately jumped up 3½ft to the stairs leading to the top of the building. He ran up the stairs to the top of the building and found a guard there. He turned a 360 in the air, smacking the guard’s head 3 times. The guard was almost unconscious so all Sam had to do was punch the guard in the stomach and the guard flew off the building with a bloodcurdling scream. Sam knew that was gonna be a long fall. Then Sam noticed the guard left his rifle on the ground so Sam picked it up and slipped it in his pocket. He was supposed to meet a helicopter there so while he was waiting he took out his blueberry and selected the downloaded item, clicked e-mail downloaded file, and went down his e-mail list until he got to the contact “Cody”. He selected Cody and clicked e-mail to contact. Then a green box popped up and it said “sending…”. Sam thought that the helicopter should have been there by now so he decided to leave by his car. He jumped down a complete total of 5 stories and slammed into the ground below. The impact was so great, it felt like he might just splat at the moment. He didn’t, luckily. Now he was bleeding like crazy, blood on his head, chest and legs. He ran to his car, spotted some guards at the same time they spotted him, got in the car, slammed the door, and pressed the gas pedal and in a matter of 2 seconds, Sam was off into the darkness.904 High Rappers Road, 3:10am, May 18th, 1986Sam’s car screeched into view at High Rappers Road as he zoomed to his house. He slammed on the breaks and parked right in front of his house. Then as he ran inside his blueberry beeped saying “File Sent!” He flew inside his house and zoomed up to his room. Then he thought “Maybe I had better be slower and more careful…” He slowly creaked open the door to his room and suddenly the cold muzzle of a gun pressed into his temple. “Freeze.” said a cold raspy voice from the other side of the gun.To Be Continued…….


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