The strange, the scary and the stranger


Andrew Gomez writes, The strange…

The strange, the scary, and the stranger By: Andrew GomezFrom Rocky Top staff writersPeriod 3 October 8, 2007On a miraculous journey to explore downtown Denver, I was with my friend Spencer and his grandpa and I saw some strange and scary things….I was with Spencer and his grandpa downtown, and we we’re walking to Denver Pavilions and we walked by a teenage girl, probably about seventeen years old, and she scared me. She might have been wearing her Halloween costume, and she did have a lot on, but she must always wear her clothes like that? Anyways, I saw this teenager at the Denver Pavilions, at about 12:47 when we we’re checking it out to fill in our booklets.She was wearing black sock up to her knees, black shoes, a long black long sleeve shirt, and her whole face was pierced. Like on her cheeks, nose, and on her lip, and a lot of black makeup. She also had her nails painted black. I don’t know why she did that. She just scared me.I was walking with Spencer and his grandpa down Larimer square at 11:24 and I saw a man just right by all of the food, and I saw a man holding a sign saying: Jesus saves! Then I saw another man come up to him and he said, “You ruin and torture other people’s lives with your Christianity!” He said it in a mean voice. The man looked about 74 years old and I think he hates religions. It was really mean to get in the other man’s face and just rudely talk to him like that. I hope other people agree with me, because all he wanted to do was to let everyone know that Jesus is looking after us and that he wants to help us. I agree with this man, because I pray to God and every thing gets better when I do. I wish the world wasn’t cruel to each other.Last, in the end it was a very fun and exciting field trip with Rocky Top, at Downtown Denver, and the idea itself was cool just to go downtown and observe what it is like, and I had a really good time, I wish I could go again!


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    Wow that was so good man that was the bestest story i ever heard you do very good storys!

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