Bread and Roses, Too Review


Kelle Eck writes, This book takes place in the snowy winter of 1912 in Lawerence…

This book takes place in the snowy winter of 1912 in Lawerence, Massachusetts where the poor, hungry citizens work in the local textile mills. The people, who are mostly immigrants, decide to stage a strike when the owners of the mills cut their pay and make them work longer hours. This brings much anger to the owners of the mills. They bring militia and police men to patrol the streets and keep the strikers in order, but this only makes the citizens mad. They will not back down from their strike which makes the militia and police men mad which then leads to them killing two of the strike members. Admist the violence are our two main characters, Rosa (who cares about her education greatly and who’s mother is involved in the strike) and Jake (who works at the mill to raise money for both him and his drunkard father). Rosa doesn’t want any part of the strike, and really wishes that her mother wasn’t a part of the strike. When too much chaos breaks out, the worried parents who are involved in the strike, decide to send their children to a different place to get out of the small warthat rages inside the small town. Rosa is one of these children, and when she is on the train to her future destination, Jake and her story intertwine. I loved this book so much, and if I were to give it a rating between one and five, it would be a five. The author of this book is Katherine Paterson, who also wrote the wonderful book Bridge to Terabithia. This book is non-fiction, but I would recommend this book to anyone.


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