Evil or Nice Cat? You Be The Judge!


Kelle Eck writes, The first time I wanted a cat was in kindergarten.

The first time I wanted a cat was in kindergarten. After much begging and pouting, my parents gave in and took me to the local animal shelter. When they led me into a cat room, I saw a kitten with such a small face and big ears and I immediately fell in love. The owner of the shelter asked if I would like to hold the little furball who they named Johanna (a pretty girl’s name!). They led me to a chair, and I felt as if I was in a dream, holding the cutest kitten in the world until I suddenly felt a wet spot on the arm of the chair, only to realize that this cute kitten was peeing on me. Now probably any normal little kid would be disgusted with the kitten after they did that and immediately trade for another cat. Ah, but I was not a normal child! I still adored the kitten and took it home with me in a cardboard box. We took Johanna to a check-up the next day. The vet checked her, said that she was okay, then hesitated for a moment saying, “The name name of your cat is Johanna, right.” We all nodded, wondering why he would ask this question again. “It also says that this kitten is a female,” he continued. We nodded again, confused. “Well everything is fine with, ahem, Johanna, except for one thing. The animal shelter must not check these animals very thoroughly because this is a male cat,” he finished. We all gaped at him, hardly believing the words coming out of his mouth. When we came home after making this discovery, my parents immediately asked me what I would like to rename the former female. Immediately the name came to me. Sammy! There is no particular reason for this name, but like I said I wasn’t a normal child. Sammy has been living with us for the past 9 years and has been creating havoc in our lives. He is sometimes sweet to us-cuddling up when it’s cold, purring, and sleeping on my dad’s head. He is mostly evil though- (at least I think he is)trying to trip us when we walk through the door, biting people when they pet him for no apparent reason, and breaking glass items. Sammy has also gotten himself in strange situations such as getting stuck in the refrigerator which he opened himself, turning on our stove with the flick of his tail, and being in the dryer when it was turned on. Even though he does create havoc, Sammy is a part of our lives starting with when he marked his territory on me in the shelter. He has good and bad times, but I love him. Sometimes though, I do wonder if I regret getting him. Note: Please bear with me for I don’t have any pictures of Sammy yet. I will though, so please check back with me!


  1. This is a fantastic story…
    This is a fantastic story of your cat! I have two cats and they sound just like Sammy. Nice Job!

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