Mary Anne Porto writes, A great book that I just read is titled Rules by Cynthia Lord.

A great book that I just read is titled Rules by Cynthia Lord. Catherine’s brother David, is a boy who has autism. She needs to teach him everything by giving him rules. Some are simple. No dancing unless it’s pitch black and no one is watching. Keep the cellar door closed. Some are complicated. For boys, it’s alright to take off your shirt when you swim, but not your pants. If someone stares, don’t make eye contact. Some are rules that some people don’t think are rules. Some people laugh because they like you, some people laugh to hurt you. Catherine needs to go to therapy with David and meets another boy who has special needs. When she draws a card to go in a special communication book, the boy, Jason, and Catherine become friends. A dance is coming up that Catherine’s next-door-neighbor and friend named Kristi is going to. Jason asks Catherine to go with him, but Catherine isn’t sure that Kristi will like Jason.In this realistic fiction, Catherine has to ask, what is normal? I recommend this book to kids 8-12 because it’s a descriptive story about an embarrassed girl who doesn’t understand the meaning of normal. Read Rules and see if Catherine decides to show up with Jason and possibly lose her friendship with Kristi, or decline his offer and have a potential best-next-door- friend Kristi.


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