See the Royal Gorge!


Allyson Malecha writes, When I entered the Royal Gorge State Park, I was amazed by the beauty around me.

When I entered the Royal Gorge State Park, I was amazed by the beauty around me. There are such astounding sights to see. As soon as I entered, I went to the incline railroad. The incline railroad is awesome because it takes you down a steep mountainside, 45 degrees to be exact! To ride the incline railway, you enter a cagelike compartment and hold on tight. Don’t worry, it goes slow. At the bottom, you can see the Arkansas River and a bottom view of the Royal Gorge Bridge.I hit the bridge next, but only with caution. The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the world, towering at a whopping 1,178 feet above the Arkansas River. In my opinion, walking on the bridge is a little bit of a thrill, because even though the bridge is only a quarter mile long, it is enormously high. You can see the cracks in the wood beneath your feet!Getting across is only the first step. On the other side of the bridge, there is plenty of more fun to be had. To learn the history of the bridge, I went to the theater. It gives you a basic idea of how the bridge was built. Also there is a mountain man “village”, a petting zoo, and a wildlife area where you can see white buffalo, rams, and many other creatures.If you are still looking for a little more adventure in your day, look no further than the world’s tallest Skycoaster! The skycoaster is a ride where they strap you into a harness and let you “fly” across the gorge. If you want a more family friendly thrill, try the aerial tram. The aerial tram takes you across the gorge on a thick strand of cables in a small, elevator-like room.The aerial tram is one of my personal favorites.The one last thing you absolutely must try is the Silver Rock railroad. It is family friendly and only takes a few minutes, but it only runs every twenty minutes, so get there on time. I really liked the Royal Gorge and I think you will too. It really is fun for the whole family.


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