Blind Mountain


Caroline Till writes, Blind mountain is a novel by Jane Resh Thomas.

Blind mountain is a novel by Jane Resh Thomas. In this story, a young boy, Sam, and his father are climbing a mountain when Sam lets go of a pine tree branch wichsnaps back and hits his father in the eyes. Later they find out his father is blind. Now the sun is seting and Sam has to lead his father and border collie, Mac, down the steep mountain side to saftey. Along the way, Sam and Mac have close encouters with moutain lions, crevices and other dangers. Read Blind mountain to see if Sam can make it to the road and find a person to take them home.I loved all the detail that was put into blind Mountain. In almost every phrase, there was an good adverd or adjecive. Even though I liked the word choice, I did not think the story was as long as it could be. Jane Resh Thomas could of expanded the plot to make the book about twenty to fourty pages longer.I would truly reccomend Blind mountain to young kids who enjoy suspensful, adventure books. I think this book is good for a boy or girl in second and third grade. If you like blind mountain, then check out these other fiction books by Jane Resh Thomas.The Princess in the PigpenFox in a TrapCourage at Indian DeepI hope you read Blind Mountain and like it as much as I did. Be sure to try the other books I reccomended by Jane Resh Thomas.