The Transall Saga a Chilling and Thrillig Tale


Charlotte Renken writes, Have you ever wanted to go somewhere were no one could ever find you?

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere were no one could ever find you? Well that’s exactly what Mark Harrison, the main character from The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen, does when he goes backpacking in the desert. On the forth day of his backpacking trip Mark discovers a mysterious blue light and with one fateful touch and he is thrown into a whole different world and adventure. Mark, age 13, wakes up after a tremendous fall in a wild interpretation of earth. The grass is red, the sound of terrible birdcalls ring in his ears, and he’s perplexes as can be. He first encounters a mutated buffalo he calls the buffalo creature. The buffalo creature is a hairy ruthless beast that can smell its prey from half a mile away. Fortunately for Mark it can’t see more than 10 ft. in front of its face. The buffalo creature destroys most of his supplies making it almost impossible to survive. One day he sets off on pursuit of the blue light when he sees a mysterious thing sticking out of a tree. When he gets closer he sees that it’s an arrow. Where ever this place is, it has intelligent life. He tracks them down and meets a young woman named Leeta. Mark, Leeta and the rest of the Arrow people are enslaved by a more advanced tribe, the Tsooks. As the story unravels Mark finds his true love, arch nemesis and lots and lots of friends.This book is for anyone who loves long well detailed books with a lot of drama. This book is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of the white fox chronicles, also written by Gary Paulsen. I personally love this book and found it a great read. My grading for this book is A-.


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