Choices Matter


Juliana Lombardi writes, A yawn of boredom escaped Lesseria Pediana’s mouth.

A yawn of boredom escaped Lesseria Pediana’s mouth. The girl was searching for a way to control her powers by looking on the Dark Enchantresses’ Mountain after a horrible accident in Luminasa. She closed her brilliant emerald eyes for a moment, only to be interrupted by a ghostly whine. The wanderer stood, scanning the trees for the foe. The whine sounded again and Lesseria held her hand ahead of her.A wolf slinked into Lesseria’s campsite. It whined in pain, begging for help. Lesseria flicked her finger and the golden glow of her Glimmer Element surrounded the wolf’s injured leg. The element became solid and the wolf was healed. Lesseria made a slicing motion with her hand and the cast fell away, revealing the wolf’s newly healed leg. The wolf stood on its hind legs and the black fur began to glow. Encased in the black chamber, the wolf grew. When the chamber fell away, a smirking woman stood glaring at Lesseria.”Why, thank you for freeing me, my dear.” The woman said coldly, while other magical wolves surrounded them and transformed. The ten Dark Enchantresses of the Mountain. The first woman was unique, with pure white-blonde hair and evil glinting cat’s eyes. Lesseria took a step back. “Who are you?” she snarled.” I am Alvaina and I am the leader of the Dark Enchantresses.” The beautiful woman spun around and tossed her hair. “And you are?””My name is Lesseria Pediana, of Luminasa.” The girl said, standing straight. Alvaina and another Enchantress exchanged looks.”Well, Lesseria, welcome to our mountain. Join us and gain perfect power,” hissed the Enchantress Serafina.”Never!” Lesseria cried. Alvaina glared at her and said, “Well, then we must destroy you.”The Enchantresses began to cast their united spells at Lesseria. Another wolf leapt into the midst of the battle and five of the witches vanished. Lesseria conjured a Glimmer Elementalara, one of the Glimmer Element guardians. The Glimmer Elementalara surrounded Alvaina, Serafina, and three others with a glitter cast. They were stuck. Lesseria used her small bit of wind power to break the cast against a tree and stun the Enchantresses.”Hurry, before they recover,” the white wolf growled, “Get on my back!” Lesseria nodded and leapt onto the wolf’s back. The wolf sped through the rocks and trees until it reached a cave.”Who are you?” Lesseria asked, but not in a suspicious tone, but merely curious. The wolf smiled, in a wolf way, “I am Kati.” “Ok. Why are we here?””Curious, aren’t you? I was told to bring you here. Go inside and meet a renegade Enchantress, Zerana.”Lesseria gathered her courage and stepped into the cave. A young woman, Zerana, greeted her. The former Dark Enchantress was fair-skinned with blue eyes and short red hair. “Welcome, Princess Lesseria.””I’m not a princess! I have element power.” Lesseria snapped. Zerana raised her hand in a gesture of peace.”I’m sorry, Lesseria. So, you are out to control your power and I can help you.” Zerana said, her eyes glinting with the candlelight that lit the cave. “Yes, please help me.” The Element Wielder said, happily. And so they began how to learn the control over element power.A week later, Lesseria was returning to the cave when Serafina and Alvaina confronted her. Serafina, the brunette, grabbed Lesseria’s wrist, while Alvaina faced her.”So, you’re studying with that renegade, Zerana. How appropriate.” Serafina hissed, her eyes blazing with fury.”Now, that won’t do, little Lesseria.” Alvaina raised her hand and dark clouds gathered around her.Out of the corner of her eye, Lesseria saw Zerana running toward her, frightened, with Kati by her side. Serafina flicked her finger and they were frozen in place. “Give up and become one of us, or your friends will suffer,” one of the Enchantresses growled in anger at Lesseria.”No…no,” she stammered. Alvaina smirked and flashed a star beam of evil at the Element Wielder, knocking her to the ground. “Ah…” Lesseria murmured, before her vision dimmed, leaving her with the sight of the Enchantresses laughing and the shock on Zerana’s face, then blackness enveloped Lesseria’s entire world. Next part will be up soon!


  1. I can’t wait till the next part!
    I can’t wait till the next part!!! U r such a great writer because u put so many details and make it so descriptive!!! U R AWESOME!!!

  2. It was good…
    It was good, but I thought it was hard to follow. Maybe make it a little more structured. Other than that, it was fantastic!

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