I command you to see The Ten Commandments


Felicia Pichulo writes, The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments is a movie about a brave…

The Ten CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments is a movie about a brave, strong, faithful man named Moses, whose life is turned upside down when he finds that his true purpose is to be a prophet of God.Through fire, plague, and natural disasters, Moses must lead his people out of slavery in Egypt and into the Promised Land. Even being led by God, Moses finds that this is not an easy task. Traveling through the scorching, hot desert, Moses and the Hebrews must risk it all to make it to their new home. During the journey, the Lord gives Moses the Ten Commandments, which will shape the world for hundreds of years to come.In my opinion, the best part of the movie was when God protected Moses and the Hebrews from Ramses, the Pharaoh, and his army by separating them with a line of fire. I also really enjoyed when God turned Moses’ staff into a snake. That was pretty amazing. The music in the movie was impressive and it really added feeling to the story.While the voices of the characters fit well with the story, the animation was not what I had expected. The characters seemed to move slowly and looked computerized. I feel it would have been better if the characters looked and moved more realistically.What really stood out to me about this film was that, unlike other movies like this, there was a narrator who helped tell the story, making it easier to enjoy. Also, the story focused more on what happened to Moses and the Hebrews when they escaped out of Egypt and struggled through the desert rather than just Moses getting the people out.This movie is an action packed, heart filling story that takes your breath away. Featuring the voice talents of Christian Slater, Alfred Molina, Elliot Gould, and Ben Kingsley, this animated, G rated film has it all. I rate this movie a four out of five because of the powerful story, great music, and the tremendous actors involved. Have faith in this movie, it is sure to be a spectacular treat for all ages!