The Beginning


Juliana Lombardi writes, Lesseria rose from the flowerbed and dusted herself off.

Lesseria rose from the flowerbed and dusted herself off. Her piercing green eyes scanned the rise, on the lookout for the royals. This feisty girl was always on the lookout for annoying snobs, like Prince Jose and his sister Ana. Lesseria was one of the many teens that pelted the royal snobs with spells or meanness. Today was no exception.When Ana and Jose came into view, chins raised in a pompous manner, the band began to fire their magic. Andi, a fire wielder, set the grass on fire in a wide circle around the royals to trap them, while Lilia and Tansy, the earth wielders, shook the ground so the twins would be off guard. While the light wielders blinded the royals, Lesseria floated into the circle, her raven-black hair blowing back and her eyes glinting with dislike. When the three Light Elementals dimmed the brightness, Ana’s face curled into a horrid sneer at the sight of the young mixed Elemental.”I should have known it was you.” Ana growled in fury. Lesseria smirked and bowed extravagantly. “I am so glad you recognized me. But of course, you must be thirsty after such a long journey?” the mixed Elemental snapped her fingers and a sprout of water fell onto Ana’s head.”Why, you little she-witch!” The princess screamed while Jose patted her back. Lesseria widened her eyes, “Oh, did Sara get you wet?””How dare you?! I bet you don’t have any magic and that’s why they do it all!” Jose gasped as Ana accused the leader of the Elementals. The girl simply glared at the smirking Lesseria.A spark, followed by others surrounded Ana in a barrier and she began to rise. “No…” Ana gasped. Lesseria’s fury had become too great and was fueling her power. But the young Elemental didn’t realize that and began to cast a Dark spell. Black fire was edging the golden glimmer and eating it up. When the gold was gone and completely black, it began to sink into Ana. The princess began to scream with pain, but the Dark spell cut it off as it wrapped tighter around Ana’s body.Ana began to lose consciousness. Jose tried to grab his sister but was pulled back by Andi. Ana’s eyes were almost closed when the Dark spell began to enslave her by eating Ana’s soul flame, her life energy. Lesseria realized what was happening but she couldn’t stop the spell. A tiny soul flame glittered in the dim light. The Darkness began to engulf it, hungrily. Just as Ana’s freedom was about to be captured, a silver moonbeam shot through the forest, hitting the Dark chain and unraveling it’s evil, destroying it. Ana feel into Jose’s arms and Andi was thrust to the ground. Emiliee Andergrass, the village mage, was scowling at the Elementals, especially Lesseria. Sara, Tansy, and Lilia were struggling against moon ropes that held them captive on the flowered floor. Andi scrambled to Lesseria’s side. Emiliee raised her hand and with a flick of her wrist, moon ropes, the light of the moon twisted into bonds, bound Lesseria and Andi to oak trees.Emiliee strode up to Lesseria and Andi and began to speak, “I am appalled at you two. Firstly, Andi, you held back Prince Jose when he could have rescued his sister. She would have been a captive to one of the Dark Enchantresses if I hadn’t come, and if I hadn’t we would have never freed her! Lesseria, you cast a binding spell and then a Dark spell! What were you thinking?” The Moon Guardian turned on her heel and pointed at the burn marks where the ring of fire had been.”Look at this! The grass is dead and you entrapped, not one, but two royals, Andi!” Emiliee faced the struggling trio and other Elementals, “Sara, you never use your power to hurt someone. You are the eldest of the Elementals and you should know that. Tansy, Lilia, an earthquake to distract them so Lesseria could strike…that was so dangerous. And you three, you light wielders, you could have attracted many of the evil forces with your brightness.” Lesseria tried to move but the ropes dug into her skin and burned. Emiliee closed her eyes and eight element orbs gathered around her. Lesseria felt weak and Andi slumped to the ground. The other Elementals shook with pain. Emiliee narrowed her eyes and summoned six of the orbs forward.”These six orbs belong to Sara, Lilia, Tansy, and the Light triplets, Michelle, Danny, and Kern. I have taken half of your power away until I deem you ready to recive them again.” The six orbs where sucked into a small gem on Emiliee’s bracelet. The two other orbs floated forward and Emiliee spoke again, “These orbs belong to Andi and Lesseria. All of their power is now mine until they can learn sense. Andi and Lesseria will no longer be able to cast magic or attend any of the Village Meetings or magic school. Instead, they will be working for Princess Ana on her stay here and at the stables when Ana is gone.”The orbs of Andi’s and Lesseria’s were trapped in a jewel, a power jewel, in Emiliee’s earrings. The mage released the other Elementals and they ran off, along with the Prince and Princess. Emiliee walked off, but snapped her fingers and Lesseria and Andi were teleported to Ana’s room.Within weeks, Ana had become crueler than ever, forcing Lesseria and Andi to slave away for endless hours, doing all of the chores in Ana’s mind. Ana even hinted to her mother that the powerless girls would never be fully sorry and that they should be Ana’s slaves for another five years, but Queen Katylin refused.One day, when Andi was waiting on Ana, Queen Katylin approached Lesseria and placed a hand on her shoulder. “My dear, I am sorry that you have to do this. I know you and Ana don’t get along and you didn’t mean to hurt her.” The fair queen smiled, sadly, before speaking again, “Emiliee wants to see you.”Standing before Emiliee, Lesseria felt fear, afraid that Ana had convinced Emiliee of their evil. “Lesseria, I have decided, with Katylin, that you are not fit to live here.” Lesseria stepped back, shock on her face. “Katylin and I are sending you to the Mountain to find a place that is where you will live until your powers are in control. Then you may return. Alas, you power may never be in control.” “But, Your Grace, the Dark Enchantresses live up there!” the young girl said. Emiliee smiled but insisted. The multi-Element orb was returned to Lesseria and she packed her possessions.”Goodbye, Andi. I’m really going to miss you.” Lesseria said choking back tears. Andi embraced her, “Goodbye, my friend. Be careful.”Emiliee stood at the edge of town and blinked as Andi and Lesseria walked down the road together. “Until we meet again, Lesseria.” Andi stood by the mage.Lesseria started down the road to Enchantress Mountain, with Andi waving and calling goodbye. Lesseria turned and waved, her eyes gleaming, hair waving, and then she turned away and walked into the sunset.


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