Oh! They Built the Ship Titanic…


Mariah Le Beau writes, The Titanic Exhibit is a breathtaking experience.

The Titanic Exhibit is a breathtaking experience. I recommend it; I enjoyed the exhibit so much that I’ve gone to it 2 times! I will share some of the highlights. You will get a boarding pass with a passenger’s name, age, whom they are traveling with, why they are on the titanic, what cabin and class they were in and 1 fact about your person. At the end you will find out if this person survived or died. There are examples of some things that were found at the bottom of the sea, including money, purses, combs, shoe brushes and toothpaste. The purse was soggy and floppy. My favorite part is the real iceberg you can feel and examples of plates, the hull, a lifeboat, menus and bedrooms. You really feel like you are in the ship.There is a Denver Post Article on the Titanic. This is what it said,”1,300 Perish When Titanic Sinks; 866 known to be rescued!”Only 705 actually got rescued. A lot of newspapers got it wrong. Then it says”All of Colorado Waiting to hear if Molly Brown lived.”The date was April 16 th and the ship sank April 15 th at 2:30. There is a comment book. Here are some comments I copied down, “Beautiful and tragic, all at the same time.” Vanessa Guzman”I loved it!” Amanda”It was very riveting.” Debra Raseh”I loved it! I had so much fun!” AbbyThere is a film that I won’t tell you about; you have to see it yourself.This exhibit is at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is open until January 6 th 2008.


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