1966 Revisited Through The Best Of Both Worlds


Charlotte Renken writes, Last Night at the Pepsi Center, the days of the 60’s repeated it’s self through 5 role models of the 20th century.

Last Night at the Pepsi Center, the days of the 60’s repeated it’s self through 5 role models of the 20th century. More than 30 thousand fans of ages from 5 to 20 lined up in front of the Pepsi center to see a concert to start a revolution. The music of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers has become a way of life among the population of young girls and boys? Yes all though 90% of the concert were girls, there were many boys and men screaming among the crowd and just as many signs made by boys as girls waving through the air. The concert began with a bang from the Jonas Brothers withmany girls screaming at the top of their lungs “JONAS JONAS” and the lyrics of the so famous songs buzzing through the arena. After 4 or 5 songs and a 20 minute intermission, the chanting of 30 thousand kids could be heard around the block ” HANNAH HANNAH”. Lowered from a huge video cube was the star herself Hannah Montana! None of the fans could believe that there the star they had seen on T.V. so many times and who’s songs were committed to memory was standing before them and that they weren’t dreaming.The popstar’s performance ended witha reappearance of the Jonas Brotherssinging”We Got The Party with Us”.But the concert wasn’t over yet. As the Jonas Brothers took over Hannah Montana turned into Miley Cyrus! At the end of the long catwalk like srtip of stage was a trapdoor and out of it popped …. Miley Cyrus! There were fireworks, confetti, magnificent lighting, dancing that out of this world and even a bicycler on stage! The songs were amazing and everyone was singing along. The crowd was so loud they had to turn up the volume. My mother said that she closed her eyes and she was 15 again. My dad’s uncontrollable screaming could be heard throughout the arena. The 5 or 6 year old behind me was singing her heart out. Even from the nosebleed section the show was extatic. And when the last song was played and Miley disappeared into the stage,a chant started that grew louder and louder until it filled the intire arena “MILEY MILEY” and she sweetly played a song she wrote for her grandpa, just her and her guitar. The concert ended at 9:00 and kids went to bed not with visions of sugar plums but of the magical experience. My overall grading…. well duh A+.


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