YOUR own adventure 2


Orion Pilger writes, It is midnight.

It is midnight. You are walking through a forest completely lost. You have no idea where your house is. All you are have with you is a backpack on your back and a water bottle and some food inside the backpack. You are sort of freaking out because there a groaning sounds coming from ahead of you. You are going through the forest looking for a way out, when you come to a fork in the path you are walking on. they change into two paths, one going right and one going left. Your parents have always said “Take the right path!” so you go right. That groaning gets louder, but then suddenly it stops. Then the groaning starts again and, out of the shadows of the path that are in front of you, you can just barely make out the image of a person. Or that is what it LOOKS like. As the shape gets closer, you realize it is a cross-eyed zombie wobbling towards you!! You have got to get away! But how? You need to decide quick! Attack the zombie or run? You decide to try to attack the zombie first then, if you don’t succeed,you will run if you can. Just when the zombie is close enough, you throw your foot up at the zombie’s boney head. But, the zombie grabs your foot, twists it, and slams you into the ground on the other side of him. Then, just as you get up, he turns around to face you. He makes his fingers pop sharp fingernails out of them and swings the fingernails at your neck. You’ve got a split second to think. You duck just as his hand whistles over your head, skimming your hair. Now that you are on the ground, you kick at the zombie. You hit his right leg. He falls down on his chest. You get up and pull out your water bottle. You don’t know why, but you just decided to pull it out. You are about to throw the water bottle when the zombie gets up and makes a sound like a sick bird. Then, as the zombie is about to kick you, you throw your water bottle at him. It wacks him in the head and he falls over, bones popping out of him and flying everywhere. You grab your water bottle and shove it back into your backpack hastily. All of a sudden, more zombies come walking down the path. There is one in front of you and you punch at him. You miss. Oh,no! There is too many! More and more zombies are coming every second! You decide to run through the herd of zombies and keep going down the right path (the path you are on right now.). You dash through the pack of zombies, smashing your head on some of them. When you finally get out of the herd, you just keep running(even though you head aches!). Later, you get to what seems like the end of the path. There is a cliff and the path leads off the cliff. The cliff is about 41/2 miles down. You don’t want to go off it, considering you might die. But maybe you do want to die. If not, there is a little dirt road leading along the side of the edge of the cliff. You decide to take the dirt road alongside the cliff. You balance carefully. You finally get to a big open field. But it seems haunted and you feel scared around that place. Oh,NO!! You are falling! You forgot to keep your balance! Now it’s either falling 41/2 miles down or hanging off the edge of a cliff. Just as you fall off you grab the edge of the cliff with your right hand. Then you manage to pull your other hand up and grab the edge of the cliff with your left hand. Now all you are doing is dangling off of a 41/2 miles down cliff. Oh, and, by the way, now you are starting to slip! Just as you are about to fall you swing yourself up and land on a hill right next to the cliff. You mom was right. She said that your gymnastic skills would pay off some day. As you hit the ground you tumble down the hill and into the big open area. You get up and look around. Nothing is actually scary, not counting the sounds. There are very low piched howls, not birds chirping. You are getting scared. You decide to be brave and dash through the big open space as fast as possible. When you get to the end, you keep running and later notice you are in a camp! Also the camp is full of zombies!!! A wooden cabin looks like the captain zombie’s room but you don’t know. Suddenly the captain zombie looks through the window of that cabin, points at you, and utters a curse at you, or that is what it looks like. Then, all the zombies go running into their houses and getting weapons. You decide to try to fight the captain zombie first. You run to the door of his cabin, fling it open, and close it when you get inside. The captain is nowhere in sight, for some WEIRD reason. Suddenly the table moves. You think it was just a little rat. You keep walking and, when you get near the table, you trip and fall. Your face slams into the floor. You get up and look under the table. There is the captain zombie! You guess he was waiting for you. He gets out from under the table and looks at you madly. He is taller than you by 3 inches. That is bad! He slides down and is about to kick your legs when you jump up, do a 360, and land very hard on his head. “How did I do that??” you wonder. But you don’t have much time to think. The captain is getting up quick for his next attack. You attack again instead, this time narrowly missing his groin with your foot. As you miss, he dives at you, grabs your leg, and pulls you down to the floor. You crash into the floor. It hurts and you are almost unconscience, but you can do 4 more attacks before fainting. You need to defeat the captain before you are unconscience. Instead of running you try to do another attack. You punch at the captain and this time you hit his head and now he is almost unconscience. Ignoring the fact your knuckles hurt, you kick at the zombie and hit him in the groin. He whispers a cry of agony and falls to the ground, shrinking into a piece of ash. Suddenly there is loads of loud, evil groaning outside the door of the cabin. It sounds horrible. And the last thing you remember is the room tilting backward, your head bumping and hurting, and then everything being black. The end. Almost. Later, you wake up. It is daytime now. You open the door and look out. There are no zombies. Instead in there place there is a giant red glowing hole. It looks like they got zapped by lightning. Or something else happened. You remember the path up at the cliff while you are looking at the big hole. You rush back to the cliff and keep following the dirt path. 16 minutes later you come to a cottage made of sticks. Oh, your house! You totally forgot about it! This is your house!!! You run inside and tell your mom about everything that happened. She dosen’t believe it, of course. You get in bed and just sleep ’till the next day. The next day, you walk out of your house and go to play in that big meadow. But what you see horrifies you. millions of evil deer with glowing red eyes turn to face you. Oh,no. Your house is a mile away. And you forgot your backpack there. It looks like THE END


  1. It’s a nice story; I like it a lot!
    It’s a nice story; I like it a lot! It looks like you put a lot of hard work into this story; it shows!

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